Slim City

With the help of a pro, a Toledo pastor is transforminghis church­—and his city—one pound at a time read more

Reverse Mentoring

When the young become the teachers, pastors not only get a chance to learn about culture, they also get a healthy dose of humility. read more

Eastern Exodus

Some Protestant leaders are leaving their evangelical roots for Catholic and Orthodox churches. What's behind the trend? read more

The Business of Ministry

Some of the most successful pastors in America were once businesspeople—but what happens when you try to blend business and ministry? read more

Open Source Ministry

In an age of creative territorialism, one pastor borrowed a ministry model from the tech world—and he doesn’t mind if you steal it. read more

Left Behind in a DTV World?

By 2009, all broadcast TV stations will be using digital technology—whether they like it or not. How will this change Christian television as we know it? read more

Doorways to Deception?

From labyrinths and meditation to prayerwalks and yoga—a postmodern preacher examines the pros and cons of alternative spirituality. read more

Honor Your Fathers?

Some church leaders offer to be your spiritual parent—if you “sow into their ministry.” Is this biblical mentoring ... or just another wacky pyramid scheme? read more

The Azusa Effect

One hundred years after Azusa, the global church looks and sounds more Pentecostal than ever—but how much longer will this label work to describe a new generation of Spirit-filled believers? read more

Decoding DaVinci

How a movie based on half-baked theories provides an open door for sharing the real story of Christianity’s origins read more

Learning from Derek

This Cambridge philosopher-turned-preacher taught us that the mind and the spirit aren't as far apart as we thought. read more


Learn from Africa, Teens in jeopardy, Deliverance balance wanted, Prepping for death, Unhealthy extremes, Forum discussion read more

Reader Response

Kudos for Chaplain Black, Prophets unleashed, Understanding disasters, Denominations: Paul’s perspective, Smooth departures read more


Denomination discussion, Blogging for ministry, Fred Price and suffering, Online highlights read more

Reader Response

Tribute to Fred Price, Re-examining the Word-Faith movement, Computer-use policy kudos, Rod Parsley not alone, A fear of Tongues, Accreditation correction read more

Speaking for God

The modern prophetic movement is confronting the extremes of suppression and sensationalism--and challenging the church to listen up. read more

Reader Response

Wanted: sound teaching, Symposium kudos and questions, Legislating righteousness, Disease versus demons, Identifying apostles, A wary pastor read more

Reader Response

Accountable to whom?, Haggard's big question, Is men's ministry sexist? Wanted: end-time balance, Honoring Derek Prince read more

Ministry Matters

AG policy change, X-treme ministry, Theaters of worship, Mainse resigns, 'Coach Mac' calls it quits Obituaries: Herb Hall, Thomas Cunningham, Kenneth Hagin Sr., Derek Prince read more

News Bites

Church fish fry nixed, Bush's faith, Lutheran gun tizzy, Dobson departs, Bill Bright dies, A new Man in the Mirror, Bryn Jones goes home read more

Reader Response

Racism on the ropes, A 'no' vote on church debt, Rejecting postmodernism, Faith with discretion, Online thoughts on worship read more

Ministry Matters

The fastest-growing churches in America, Minister contracts SARS during hospital visit, 'Inflatable church' in England, Church targets dance clubs, Head of sex-addiction ministry resigns Pentecostal, Black Churches Fastest-Growing read more
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