IHOP Worship Leader: How to Kick Insecurity Out of Your Life Forever

We all deal with insecurity from time to time. Let God help you get past it. (Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash)

Surveys have shown that some people fear public speaking more than death.

Have you ever noticed the amount of time and effort people spend trying to combat fear, nervousness and self-doubt?

From meditation and counseling to self-help books and motivational seminars, people spend millions of dollars every year trying to overcome performance-related anxiety.

It's not surprising that the No. 1 thing that worship leaders tell me when I ask them about their challenges is often the most difficult hindrance to overcome, likely because it's the most personal.


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Insecurity includes fear in social situations, uncertainty, timidity, anxiety, second-guessing one's self, nervousness, inhibition and more.

It can be defined as the absence of peace in one's heart due to a lack of confidence.

Insecurity is an issue for all of us from time to time.

Worship leaders, singers and musicians are not immune to its effects. It would be wrong to assume that because people stand up on a platform on a regular basis that they must not struggle with feelings of insecurity.

As a worship leader, it's important that you watch for insecurity on your team and learn how to address it when it becomes apparent. But you also need to assess your own level of insecurity and confront it.

Worship leading is arguably the most vulnerable position in a church.

You're using your gifting to draw people into worshipping Jesus. It's only natural to feel some insecurity around your role as a worship leader.

You may have insecurity regarding singing, playing your instrument, leading your team on stage, leading your own songs, speaking in front of your team or other dynamics of team leadership, such as turning away people who audition for your team, addressing conflicts or letting someone go from the team.

The first step in addressing your personal insecurity is determining exactly what is making you feel insecure.

Is it a lack of confidence in your singing skills or playing ability?

Maybe you're reluctant to address issues like negative speech or chronic lateness.

Or maybe you feel nervous trying to lead a Bible study or organize a social gathering with your team.

Pinpointing the specific source(s) of your insecurity is much more helpful than just sensing a generalized anxiety about being a leader.

It's also helpful to look back at your past experiences to determine when the seed of insecurity was planted.

Were you belittled growing up and told you would never be successful?

Were your early musical endeavors met with criticism or ridicule?

Maybe you've been in a hurtful relationship that's left you struggling to trust.

Whatever the case, we all have wounds that can cause insecurity, but the good news is that the Lord is willing and able to heal and help us.

Seeking inner healing from past hurts is not a one-time pursuit.

Throughout our lives, we need to be inviting the Lord in to heal our wounds and set us free of hindrances.

Don't be shocked by your struggle. Don't run away from it. Face it head-on.

I encourage you to take a step toward growing in confidence as a worship leader.

Born and raised in Buffalo, New York, Justin Rizzo developed a passion and love for music at an early age. He began playing a variety of instruments and started leading worship at age 12. He has released five albums and been featured on multiple compilation projects, along with writing and producing three full-length musicals. In addition, he travels extensively to lead worship and speak at events around the world. Justin is currently based in Kansas City, Missouri, where he serves as a worship leader, songwriter, blogger and composer. Visit his website at justinrizzo.com.

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