Do you think a campaign could boost your numbers, momentum and maturity? (Pixabay)

Are you willing to take a risk?

Spring is the time to think about making a bold move in the fall.

Growth doesn't happen if we don't try and plan for it. The church grows when we do things to attract and welcome newcomers.

The growth in my church isn't steady. It comes in leaps and bounds. Like when we have a church campaign.

Church campaigns are a sermon series that layers in small group studies and daily personal readings all on the same topic to multiply the learning and growth across your church and to reach into your community.

Campaigns are a strategic way to grow your church in size and maturity and connectedness.

How to Know If a Church Campaign Will Help Your Church

Interested, but cautious? Here's a little quiz to help you weigh the cost versus the benefit to your church.

1. Do you have the capacity to take on a new project?

You, personally. How are things at home? How is your workload at church? Things are never easy in ministry, but if you're in crisis mode, you should wait on a campaign.

If you're feeling a little stuck in a rut, however, then you, personally, could use a campaign to get going again.

2. Does your congregation have the capacity to take on a new project?

And what about your church members? Are things status quo for them? Then your church needs a campaign to ignite some momentum.

Sometimes a church is in enough turmoil that a project like a campaign isn't feasible. Look down the road to when this season of trouble will have passed, and tentatively plan a campaign a year from now to give the church a new project and a quick win.

3. Do you feel excited and optimistic about the possibility of doing a church campaign?

Do you think a campaign could boost your numbers, momentum and maturity? Does that excite you? Good.

4. Do you think your small groups or Sunday school classes will go along with using the study materials during the campaign?

Be ready to cast some vision for church-wide unity and excitement to get them on board. Get ahead of their choosing a study for the fall and ask them to join you in a church-wide adventure.

5. Can you find some money to do some marketing to invite your community to the campaign?

Do you have some marketing or special event money in the budget? Do you have a generous donor who might enjoy inviting your city to join your church for the campaign? Outreach has ready-made marketing tools for several of my favorite campaigns to make it easy to invite newcomers.

6. Can you learn how to hold a successful church campaign?

No worries if it's all new and you're not sure how to proceed. Holding a church campaign is not hard, and I've got it laid out step-by-step. When you're ready for more detail, check out these posts. They'll make you an expert.

If you haven't already downloaded "The Ultimate Checklist to a Church Campaign," get it now. It's a week-by-week checklist that will help you prepare for a campaign that succeeds beyond your expectations.

Rick Warren says church campaigns are the secret sauce of Saddleback Church's growth. I've seen it at my church, too.

 Now What?

  • Prayerfully choose a church campaign that will help your church grow.
  • Set the dates for your campaign. Give yourself at least 3 months' lead time. September, January and following Easter are the best times to launch a campaign.
  • Start talking about it with your staff, Board, and key leaders.

Hal Seed is the founding and Lead Pastor of New Song Community Church in Oceanside, California. He mentors pastors who want to lead healthy, growing churches with resources at

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