The Holy Spirit: A Better Way to Connect

There's a much better way to connect with people than on social media.
There's a much better way to connect with people than on social media. (Dreamstime)

We are living in a social media society where it's all about connecting. It amazes me how instantly you can connect with someone famous, someone from another country and even become friends instantly with someone you don't know or haven't met.

Growing up, I remember how difficult it was for me to meet new people. I was always shy with people I didn't know and if I was with a crowd and said something, I would clam up if they all turned to hear what I had to say. Or I would start a conversation with someone but not know how to continue it, only to encounter silence, prompting me to come up with an excuse to leave. I still cringe thinking about that feeling.

However, I did learn through the years that many people get nervous talking with someone they don't know, and that many people don't know how to keep conversations going; we all have insecurities. What helped me is when I was given the most amazing revelation about meeting new people: Many like to talk about themselves!

With this information, I tested it out, and sure enough, it worked! I started to ask people about themselves and I rarely have had to walk away from conversations. Once that starts, then we both start going back and forth on all the details of our lives. Social Media feeds that and takes it a step further. It's now all about selfies.

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I don't know how people can take so many pictures of themselves and post them. We so long to connect with someone and for someone to connect with us. Many of us started in social media saying it was a great way to share the gospel and minister to others. However, it winds up being filled with pictures of people in their swimsuits on the beach, the fabulous life of pastors and their wives, and how glamorous some people's lives are. I believe in prosperity, but not the kind that is pasted all over social media for others to envy. Many are guilty of oversharing their personal lives, but there has to be a balance.

Unfortunately, after all that you put into social media, you still are left with a void, unfulfilled and still longing for some kind of connection or acceptance. There is one person you can connect with and, once you do, you will not be unfulfilled. Actually, you will be "filled up." That's the Holy Spirit! The Holy Spirit is always with us, so we are never alone and He is always waiting to connect with us. If the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead now dwells in us, there is nothing we cannot do.

We do not have to long after those things in the world; we must learn to long after Him. You can have that personal relationship with Jesus Christ through constant communion with the Holy Spirit and being in right standing with God! Although I was amazed about how social media works, I am more amazed of how connected I am to the Holy Spirit. Knowing He intercedes for me, He comforts me, He counsels me, He has every answer for my life, and all I have to do is ask. The Holy Spirit show me who I am in Christ and I don't have to see approval or acceptance from others, He accepts and loves the person I am.

There are so many people on the other side of our social media who need us as ministers of the gospel to be that light to them, to win them over to Jesus and to be a good example of righteousness. I know we all have to work at it, but our connection with the Holy Spirit must be our priority. There can so much sin in us, that we need His guidance and deliverance daily in our lives. We must seek to be more like Him and not the images we see all over social media.

Be of good courage today. Ask the Holy Spirit to lead, guide and direct you today and you will see how amazing He is and your life can become more fulfilled! Then you can pour into others what He is pouring into you. Let your social media stand out as a light to help others and see what God is doing in your life.

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