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Are your church's weekends worth broadcasting on Monday mornings?

Driving into work one day, I was listening to the local news on the radio. As happens every day at the top-of-the-hour news broadcast, there were a few airtime seconds allotted to a sports update. Quick facts about significant games or other related tidbits are typical during this segment.

Because I'm not a big sports fanatic, a lot of the information is Greek to me, but I still listen because the person reporting the sports news is always, without fail, more interesting than the Britney Spears "live" update just moments before.

Then the thought hit me: What would happen if every Monday morning there was a quick report on the radio giving a church wrap-up of the weekend? Highlights from churches around the area of people's lives being changed. Kids doing better in school. Teenagers no longer victims of poor decisions. Marriages that are finding hope. Single moms who found a place to belong.

This idea is more of a rhetorical pondering than an executable action (or maybe not?). The real question for pastors is what would this report look like if there were such a thing? How would your weekend service wrap-up be reported? Would it change every week? What would be measured? Who would they talk to for sound bites?

Is what happens in your church on Sunday worth being talked about on Monday?

Brad Abare is the director of communications for the Foursquare denomination, founder of the Center for Church Communication, and president of Personality, a communication and marketing consultancy.

Need more ideas for communicating your church’s vision? Check out the Center for Church Communication’s Church Marketing Lab, a free open-source resource.

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