As I reflect on past Easter services, there's a recurring thought: Why can't we do church that way every weekend?

Why can't the praise and worship be that lively or engaging every service?
Why can't kids church always be that fun and impactive?
Why can't we always have that many greeters to smile at me when I walk in?
Why can't the video supplements always be that relevant and engaging?
Why can't the gospel message be that clear and direct every weekend?

The average church routinely sees a spike in attendance around Easter. I wonder if the reason many of us can't hold onto that increase is because we make a decent first impression but follow it up with a more sustainable pattern in the weeks and months after Easter. Although I certainly understand the uniqueness of the three big services each year (Easter, Mother's Day, Christmas), and I realize that out-of-the-ordinary services result in out-of-the-ordinary attendance, there still seems to be a disconnect. Without the sustainable impact of a great service, we can't expect people will come back for something they think will happen again.

What did you do Easter weekend—that worked—that you could continue doing every weekend? What did you do Easter weekend—that didn't work—that you should discontinue doing every weekend?

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