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Mayo's Clinic

Jeanne shares 35 secrets for a youth pastor's longevity, success and spiritual health. read more

An Audience of One

Ron Kenoly speaks out on the worship 'bandwagon,' the senior pastor's role, and the line between entertainment and ministry. read more

God's Top 10!

This new children's curriculum uses animation and the voices of Hollywood stars to teach kids God's commands--and it couldn't have come at a better time. read more

Where are the Men?

Only one in 18 men in America is involved in discipleship. Now the sins of the fathers are being visited on our nation's families. read more

Making Him Known

The worship leader is called to educate believers in the wonders of God and to lead sinners into an awareness of His love. read more

Wait Training

The world screams a message that makes sex seem common, casual and cheap, but for the most part, ministers aren't talking. read more

Kid Power!

This hot-wired generation isn't just open to the supernatural, they long for it! Here's how to build a children's ministry that's hip without watering down the gospel. read more

Going Vertical

Whether with a contemporary or traditional style, Michael W. Smith is challenging believers to fight stale familiarity and embrace the fresh spirit that is blowing through the church and pointing worshipers upward to God. read more

When the Vow Breaks

Meet three ministerial couples on the verge of divorce. The names have been changed, but the stories are all too familiar. read more

Write Songs That Transform

Great songwriting doesn't happen by accident. These keys will help you unlock the doors to creativity ... and change people's lives. read more

Does This Pedophile Attend Your Church?

Perhaps--and he may be lurking undetected. David Middlebrook, author of Ministries Today's award-winning child abuse prevention program, The Guardian System, shares 10 things you can do to make sure the children in your church are safe. read more

Are You Reaching the Next Generation?

Children are one of the greatest--and often overlooked--potential mission fields. Here's a look at the obstacles that prevent effective ministry to kids and what you can do to better reach the next generation with the gospel. read more

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