Woman-praying-40-Days-SaveAs the chairman of the board of governors for 40 Days to Save America, I am humbled to lead in a season of prayer.

In what could be the most momentous election of our lifetime, everyone wants to know, “Who will lead America for the next four years?” The answer should be obvious: He who has led us for the past 236 years of our national existence—the Lord God Almighty!

The vast majority of people in America realize and acknowledge that no one but God can save her. That’s why many have concluded that nothing short of a national awakening will do—hence, a call for prayer, fasting and action.

Choosing a president, members of Congress and governors is a sobering responsibility, especially given the multiple crises with which our nation is confronted. These men and women wield enormous power over the citizenry. The can confront the forces of evil that stalk us domestically and internationally, or ignore them. Our moral free-fall can continue, or they can call America back to its founding principles.

But it’s God who shapes our destiny—as individuals and as a nation. The people who lose sight of that are in mortal danger. Where he leads America depends upon us. Our failure to acknowledge His sovereignty, to beg his forgiveness and humbly seek His guidance are responsible for America’s plight.

Who wins the election is important. But even the most favorable outcome imaginable will be only a temporal victory. The day after the election, we’ll still be a nation that’s morally and fiscally bankrupt, a nation that grows more distant from its Christian roots each year, and a nation whose leaders arrogantly refuse to acknowledge dependency upon God for His guidance and security.

Forty Days to Save America kicked off with America for Jesus in Philadelphia—the city where America was born—on Sept. 28. From that time on until Election Day (Nov. 6) we have called upon all people of faith to pray and fast for a Third Great Awakening. Visit 40daystosaveamerica.com for daily prayer guidance.

Forty Days to Save America is based on the firm conviction that whatever else we do in this momentous year, we must begin by asking God for His forgiveness for our national and individual transgressions, and for His guidance in the essential task of choosing our leaders and renewing our nation.

We’ve called upon pastors, priests and rabbis to open houses of worship across America for special services dedicated to seeking the nation’s salvation through another Great Awakening, and for every one of you to set aside time daily until Election Day to pray and seek God for His hand of blessing upon our nation. We hope that these 40 days have been and will continue to be a time for all of us to rededicate our lives to God, and to make informed choices at the polls, in full awareness of our responsibilities as American citizens and our duty as Christians.

On Nov. 6, we will choose a president and other elected officials. We already have a leader: God Almighty! America’s survival depends on our acknowledgement of that reality as a nation.

Rick Scarborough is the founder and president of Vision America.

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