20 Kingdom Truths for Marketplace Warriors

I pray you find these spiritual truths both inspirational and revelational. (Max Pixel/Public Domain)

One of my journals is a "Kingdom Download" journal, a place where I record impressions, words and thoughts I sense heaven drops upon me.

I write them down, pray and meditate over them, and transfer the most impactful ones to a digital list I refer to often. What some might call "pithy" statements, I enjoy seeing God's mind and heart flow through what I sense as His continuing communion with me.

Just as I do in my free resource, "31 Power Prayers to Prosper Your Business," this week ,I was led to share a few of these kingdom downloads with you.

I pray you find them both inspirational and revelational.

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20 Kingdom Downloads

  1. We need to shift from living up to our potential to embracing His promises for our lives.
  2. We fight a supernatural war played out in the natural. We must therefore wage our marketplace war in the real battlefield with our supernatural weapons (armor, prayer language, spiritual gifts and so forth).
  3. The wisdom of the world is pitiful compared to the wisdom of God.
  4. You must see it (supernatural vision) before you receive it (natural manifestation).
  5. Do not look for a reason to do something; look for a witness.
  6. First-century apostles were militants with one assignment: world dominion (influence/impact). Should we settle for less?
  7. You do not need to know the ultimate address as long as you are moving forward.
  8. Kings do not beg; they decree! Speak those things that are not in your business as if they are.
  9. Focus on the few, then follow through.
  10. Stay in your marketplace (destiny) lane—there is no traffic there.
  11. It's not about doing more. It's about your next move.
  12. The defeated enemy can never stop your work for the Lord—he can only delay it.
  13. Marketplace warriors filled with Holy Spirit power are environment/atmosphere shifters. When we walk into a room, shift happens!
  14. As I'm learning, I'm journaling.
  15. God does not have back-up plans. So, commune with Him to reveal His plan for you and then violently execute it.
  16. My business is not designed for me to force results, but for Him to bless results.
  17. We must shift our "success" focus from traditional financial Return on Investment (ROI) to Eternal Return on Investment (EROI).
  18. Marketplace warriors do not deny the reality or size of a problem. Rather, they declare the power and size of God in the face of the problem.
  19. When God restores, He always multiplies. When the defeated enemy seems to be winning, focus on your forthcoming bounty.
  20. We cannot claim enemy territory (earthly marketplace kingdom) unless we have conquered it, and we cannot conquer it unless we have invaded it. Embrace your calling of a supernatural "space invader" and reclaim your marketplace for His kingdom.

Email me your thoughts or kingdom downloads to info@drjimharris.com. Thanks!

Dr. Jim Harris is an executive coach, adviser and author of 14 award-winning business books. Download his FREE "31 Power Prayers to Prosper Your Business." Connect with Dr. Jim on Facebook LinkedIn and Twitter.

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