Don't shipwreck your organization by ignoring these tips.
Don't shipwreck your organization by ignoring these tips. (Unsplash)

Are you listening to or ignoring the input of other leaders?

"The greatest mark of a mature minister or saint is not the ability to prophesy powerfully or do miracles; it's the ability to get along well and work well with others." Bill Hamon, The Day of the Saints

It's easy to do. As you unleash your supernatural gifts in your territory, it's easy to inadvertently wear leadership blinders and ignore—even scoff at—the input of other leaders around you.

It's as if you are saying, "Heck, they don't know what I know. They don't see what I see. Why should take the time to listen to them? I've got too much to do already!"

The fastest way leaders fail is to ignore and under-utilize the supernatural leadership gifts of other leaders around them the can complement and balance their gifts with yours.

To help you avoid a fast failure, here is a quick fivefold leadership checklist and an action plan about how to leverage other's supernatural leadership gifts to help you become a better leader.

Fivefold Leadership Checklist

Business apostles need:

  • Prophets to powerfully frame and release a clear vision.

  • Evangelists to articulate the benefits of the vision.

  • Teachers to equip the team to accomplish the vision.

  • Pastors to maintain and drive team unity and brotherhood toward living the vision.

Business prophets need:

  • Apostles to provide organizational context to their revelations.

  • Evangelists to sell the need for change and improvement.

  • Teachers to make practical sense of their revelations.

  • Pastors to remind them of the potential team impact (positive and negative) of their revelations.

Business evangelists need:

  • Apostles to clarify and articulate the future they are called to sell.

  • Prophets to remind them of all sides of the issues—and not to focus only on the positive upside.

  • Teachers to reinforce their marketing pitches as being accurate, doable and value-added.

  • Pastors to keep the front lines excited about the mission and working in unity.

Business pastors need:

  • Apostles to serve as the role models for team-building and flock-feeding.

  • Prophets to challenge and encourage them to implement new, innovative ways to bring their teams into greater maturity.

  • Evangelists to remind them to focus on why their team members joined in the first place.

  • Teachers to coach them about how to be better team leaders.

Business teachers need:

  • Apostles to serve as executive mentors and role models to those they train.

  • Prophets to help crystallize the implementation structures of the organizational vision.

  • Evangelists to fill their classes and training programs with fire-starters.

  • Pastors to understand and reinforce their teachings to maximize team productivity.

Fivefold Leadership Checklist Action Plan

1. Circle your primary and secondary fivefold leadership anointings. (Click here to download my free Anointed to Lead i25 Survey to discover your leadership gifts.)

2. Under your top areas of anointing, ask Holy Spirit to partner you with other leaders to sharpen your gifts with theirs. ("Iron sharpens iron" [Prov. 27:17a].)

3. Volunteer to offer the other leaders the same accountability to leverage your gifts within their anointing.

To accelerate your success, I encourage you to take off your blinders and integrate this fivefold leadership checklist into your weekly priorities.

Dr. Jim Harris is the author of 14 award-winning business books including Our Unfair Advantage: Unleash the Power of the Holy Spirit in Your Business. Download his free tool, 55 Critical Resources for Believers in Business. Connect with Dr. Jim on Facebook LinkedIn and Twitter.

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