Alveda King
Alveda King (Reuters/Mary F. Calvert)

When you are born the niece of assassinated civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., you grow up with big dreams of your own. Alveda King's dream is to speak out for the rights of the unborn and to evangelize everyone she can.

"The first evangelists were women in the New Testament," King said in a January interview as she prepared to fly to Washington, D.C., for a prayer rally encouraging hundreds of citizens, especially pastors, to pray for the inauguration of President Donald Trump. "The woman at the well, after Jesus told her about her life and offered her a better one, she went and told everyone, 'Come meet this man who knew everything about me.' Then, Mary and the women went to Jesus' tomb, and the angel asked why they were weeping and said He was not there. They ran and told everyone.

"I am also an evangelist, here to proclaim the injustice of abortion and the goodness of God in restoring families."

King is the daughter of Martin Luther King Jr.'s younger brother, civil rights activist Rev. A.D. King, and his wife, Naomi. King says her life's mission is to continue her family's legacy by reminding people that we are one human family, not separated by race, but united by Jesus.

"My Aunt Woody always said we are part Irish, and I went to Ireland twice and saw the records," King says. "One of my ancestors was a full Irishman. So when I talk to people, I say, 'Why are you saying your race needs to get along with my race?' We are all one human race, not to be divided by skin color."

King founded Alveda King Ministries, and served a term in the Georgia State House of Representatives. She holds an honorary Doctorate of Laws degree from Saint Anselm College and serves as pastoral associate and director of Civil Rights for the Unborn, the African-American outreach of Priests for Life and Gospel of Life Ministries. She speaks out for the Silent No More Awareness Campaign, sharing the testimony of God's forgiveness and healing after her abortions. She has written more than 10 books, including the newly published America, Return to God (Elijah List Publications).

"The new book is just a call for us to realize, as Americans, we have wandered away from God in so many things, in prayer and in acceptance of one another," King says. "We just need to get back to the Lord."

King does not shy away from the spotlight; she publicly proclaims her Christian faith, the call for an end to abortion and even her political views in speeches, public appearances and as a FOX News contributor. Whether her views are popular or not in today's American culture does not matter to King. As a woman whose primary call is to serve the Lord, all she wants is to lead people to Jesus.

"If we can express God's love, truly love each other, people would realize we are all one blood," King says. "We are all brothers and sisters in Christ."

At 66, King shows no signs of slowing her ministry. She is working on a cookbook and a book on spiritual gifts, as well as speaking across the country and promoting her latest book. Her main personal goal is to draw closer to the Spirit.

"Day by day, I want to draw closer to Holy Spirit as a personality, just to hear Holy Spirit and obey Holy Spirit," she says. "That can be a challenge in this life, but it can be done."

When she meets Jesus face to face, what does she want Him to say?

"It's OK to stop working so hard now, Alveda. You can come home."

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