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Have you noticed I've been quiet the last couple of weeks? No blog posts? Minimal Facebook posts? Has anyone missed me?

Want to know why? It's because of the title of this post ... and how this question really rocked my world.

Here is the revelation revealed to me through this question and how it can help you increase your trust in the Lord.

The Setting

On June 18, I posted about my then upcoming trip to the Hub Nation 2018 conference in Bend, Oregon. Calling this an amazing event is an extreme understatement.

During my stay, I met many of my current friends and many other movers and shakers in the global Seven Mountains Movement, including Andy Mason, Os Hillman, Hany Soryal, Doug Spada, James and Anna Kramer, Bobby and Becky Haaby as well as enjoying and learning from Lance Wallnau's many anointed messages.

One of my most profound meetings was with Michelle Seidler, an Orlando-based kingdom impacter and prophetic counselor. Michelle graciously agreed to meet me for coffee so I could glean from her many years of experience training up marketplace prophetic intercessors.

Little did I know that her anointment would radically challenge me.

After sharing our mutual kingdom journeys, Michelle asked me a question that totally rocked my world when she said, "I hear the Lord asking you, 'Jim, do you trust me?'"

I went silent.

My first reaction was of the flesh—how dare anyone ask me such a thing! Then I realized something inside me quivering—— this was a question I really needed to explore.

Deep Dive

Needless to say, this question was a catalyst for a deep dive into a time of focused communion with Jesus. It was indeed a question I needed to fully comprehend in my soul and spirit.

This is why I went silent for three weeks.

But here is what I learned, and I pray it helps you, too.

Lessons Learned on Trust

As my spiritual mentor and great friend, Leray Heyne, has taught me, real communion with the Lord is the birthplace of revelation.

My "Do you trust me?" revelation was simply an acrostic for the word "TRUST." The Lord taught me that trust is:

  • Truth
  • Revealed
  • Under
  • Severe
  • Trials

Real trust can only be developed from walking together during hard times, knowing you can lean on another even when the going gets really tough.

As an entrepreneur and apostolic leader, it is my fleshly nature to see an opportunity or problem and take it as my own, to simply leverage it or fix it based upon all my strengths, abilities and wisdom.

But this question forced me to dig deep for the truth He was about to reveal to me regarding my trust level during these current severe trials.

And as you can conclude, He did speak—very clearly—even though it took me far more than one rug-time session.

From Revelation to Activation

Here is what the Lord prompted me to do and I encourage you to do the same. Ask yourself:

  1. Do you really trust God? Right now? In all your circumstances?
  2. If not, in which circumstances do you struggle, that is, you keep trying to solve it in your own power?
  3. On a notepad, write down one area per pagedo not worry about how many pages you need. (I needed several, OK?)
  4. Take one at a time and dive deep. Pray. Read Scripture. Pray in the Spiritlet Holy Spirit speak out what needs to manifest even though we do not yet know.
  5. In due time (took me about two and a half weeks), the Lord will clearly—and I mean clearly—speak to you.
  6. On a fresh piece of notepad paper, write "Priorities" at the top and rank-order what the Lord told you to do about your areas. It was amazing how fast, smooth and complete my list became in only five minutes.

I now have five prioritiessome are big projectsbut I know that I know that I know I am to execute these, for each one was given to me by the Lord in whom now I fully trust to do His work through them all.

Time to Share

I realized this post is a little longer than most, but for any of you still with me reading, this one was for you.

Please comment below on if you integrate this "trust" communion with the Lord and share your revelations. Remember, this blog is not about meit's about us working together as a global kingdom community, freely sharing His insights and revelations so all of us can reach our unique destinies.

Thank you for being a part of my sharing tribe!

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