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Wooden-lifeboatBlessed are the flexible! There may not be a greater secret to success in serving another person’s ministry.

In the first chapter of my book The Blessing of Serving Another Man’s Ministry, I shared the dramatic encounter I had with God as a young student at Oral Roberts University—and how He revealed His calling to serve another man’s ministry as I crossed the walking bridge from the student parking lot to the ORU campus. God spoke a few weeks later in our chapel service as Dr. Morris Cerullo ministered—that this was the man He had called me to stand by and serve. (You can read more about this here.

When I left the ORU chapel that spring morning, I was certain that after my experience with God, when I called the Morris Cerullo World Evangelism (MCWE) offices, I would immediately be asked to travel and minister with Dr. Cerullo.

Well, that’s not exactly how it worked out.

“All the ministry positions are filled, but we did just post a job opening for a cost accountant,” I was advised by the MCWE personnel manager, Glandon Broome.

I had transferred into ORU after two years spent studying at the University of Notre Dame, where I was on a full academic scholarship. When I met with the ORU admissions office, I asked them to evaluate my credits and advise me on the best track to pursue that would utilize my Notre Dame credits to the fullest.

I was advised to transfer into a major in business administration. I chose accounting. But from day one, I said to myself (and to the Lord), I will study accounting, but I will never be an accountant. I was at ORU to be prepared to reach the world for Jesus, not to be an accountant!

With Glandon on the other end of the phone line presenting this accounting position, I felt like Job. The thing I had greatly feared was coming upon me. I reluctantly let him know that I was about to graduate in a few weeks time with a degree in accounting and that he could send me an application.

I was hired less than a week later.

During my first two years at MCWE, I served as a cost accountant. I grew to love it. God helped me to discover a State of California tax law that retroactively returned to the ministry tens of thousands of dollars in taxes paid on printing that MCWE was exempt from.

On the weekends, I carried a 10-foot cross around the city of San Diego. Soon, one of the newspapers carried a story that Dr. Cerullo happened to see. One day in the interoffice mail, I received a personal handwritten note from Dr. Cerullo letting me know how proud he and Theresa were of me. Soon, I was invited to speak in our weekly MCWE chapel.

A few weeks later, I was called into the office of the VP of accounting. He informed me that Dr. Cerullo wanted me to pray about a move. I thought it was an organizational move, but to my surprise it was an offer to move me and my family to London to head up our European office and ministry outreaches.

I served as the European director for MCWE for six years. During these years, the Communist curtain came down, and Dr. Cerullo was the first to be invited to Moscow to conduct a three-day crusade from the Olympic Stadium that saw over 50,000 attend and give their lives to Christ in three nights. The nation was shaken.

While I served in Europe, MCWE was the first Christian organization to be granted a license to broadcast in the U.K. and Europe. As a result, millions were reached by our Victory program on the European Super Channel.

God spoke to Dr. Cerullo about launching Mission to London, which, for six consecutive years, drew capacity crowds for our weeklong events at the world famous 16,000-seat Earl’s Court Auditorium. It shook Great Britain to the core. Many of Britain’s megachurches today were born in Mission to London.

The Eastern European nations opened to Dr. Cerullo. It was during a preliminary visit I was making to Bucharest, Romania, to meet with pastors that, through a series of miracles, I was spontaneously given the opportunity to preach to 200,000 demonstrators that were convened in the University Plaza in the heart of the Romanian capital. I was the first believer to address this massive demonstration with a gospel message, and it became a nightly occurrence in the wake of Nikolai Caucescu’s overthrow and execution. I was told that for months after I left, every night thereafter, a time was given for the demonstrators to hear a gospel message from a local pastor.

The breakthroughs I have been privileged to be a part of would not have been possible if I hadn’t been willing to be flexible to the opportunity to serve as an accountant and enable God to plant me in the place that He would cause to prosper and fulfill His purposes.

For that parking attendant ministry, church bus driver or “gopher” at a local church—the need you may or may not be overly excited about filling could be your proving ground and your opportunity to show yourself faithful so that God can begin to use you in ways of which you could only dream.

For me, flexibility will always continue to be a secret of releasing the blessing and favor of God, especially as you serve another person's ministry. Being called upon to do things that will only succeed with God’s help and blessing will stretch you and grow you if you don’t avoid those opportunities to serve when they are presented.

So, be flexible. Then watch the miracles of God flow as you follow him into uncharted new territory. Blessed are the flexible. Step by step, each step will be a miracle!

Note: The above is an excerpt from The Blessing of Serving Another Man’s Ministry: Seven Serving Secrets That Will Sentence You To Success, available on Amazon.com starting at $2.99. Discounted bulk copies available direct from author at gregmauro1159@gmail.com. Join Greg Mauro’s Facebook page.

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