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Joey-and-EverestOn my recent trip to Johannesburg, South Africa, over dinner we were blessed to have a friendly waiter named Everest. It’s not very often that you meet a man named Everest; he is actually my first.

With a name like Everest, I was reminded of another man I met at the wedding I attended recently—his name is Gideon Lasco, a 26-year-old mountaineer who climbed Mt. Apo (highest peak in the Philippines) when he was 19.

It was obvious from his name that he had a Christian background. As it turns out, he is a pastor’s son. Gideon is also a prolific blogger in his highly visited site pinoymountaineer.com. My brief conversation with this young man was pretty insightful.

At the wedding, Gideon shared with me his three best revelations on mountain climbing:

1. Mountains are overwhelming. They are good reminders that we are small and God, who made them, is big. Climbing them always brings humility.

2. Mountains represent challenging summits and goals. Any mountaineer will tell you that changes in the weather and other conditions can deter one from reaching one’s goals. Likewise life has constant twists, turns and can change on you in an instant.

It is here where we are reminded that ultimately our strength and ability has its limits. And only God can make a way where there is no way. It was He who said, “I will go before you and level the mountains...” (see Isa. 45:2).

3. Finally, in the New Testament, mountains are metaphors for hindrances and massive burdens. Here again Jesus reminds us that through faith in Him, we can speak to our mountains and command them to be thrown into the sea.

Are you facing mountains in your life? Remind yourself to remain humble, remember God can make a way where there is no way, and always be in faith and speak to your mountains.

Keep in mind that the biggest mountain in our lives is a sinful heart that knows not how to live. In Christ, God has leveled this mountain and allowed us to experience the highest summit of all, a restored relationship with God.

For the original article, visit joeybonifacio.com.

Joey Bonifacio is the senior pastor of Victory Fort, one of 15 congregations that make up Victory Church in the metro Manila area of the Philippines. He is also the author of The LEGO Principle, which draws parallels between the famous toy maker and core discipleship elements. Visit Joey’s website at joeybonfacio.com, on Facebook or follow him on Twitter.

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