What Holy Spirit Can Teach You Through 2018's Pruning

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Just like you, at this time of the year, I reflect on the past and look forward to the new (next week's post).

For me, 2018 began as the year of presence, where I focused upon a deeper, more intimate relationship with the Father. In fact, on Jan. 12, I challenged you to join me on a "One-Word Focus for 2018," and it became one of my most popular 2018 posts.

His Presence Led to My Pruning

As I sought greater presence, Holy Spirit gently led me into a deep dive of spiritual truth on pruning. Yes, I have been severely pruned in my business both last year and this, and through my focus on presence, I now have a better understanding as to why.

In summary, some of my revelations this year on pruning include:

  • Pruning removes dead growth (John 15:2).
  • Pruning ensures more light gets to all the fruit-bearing branches.
  • Pruning cuts away parts that get in the way of the best fruit.
  • Growers severely prune the oldest branches to maximize the greatest harvest.
  • Seasons of pruning lasts longer and goes further than seems reasonable.
  • God rewards all growth with pruning.
  • Pruning is a primary kingdom way to a supernatural harvest.
  • "When you ask for abundance, you hand God the shears." —Bill Johnson
  • "Forget about the fruit bearing (outcome). It will happen anyway. Just focus on the abiding." —Bill Johnson

My Pruning Led to Waiting

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This part was where I needed to go—and frankly, it was painful.

Waiting is an extremely difficult thing for me to do. I get frustrated in slow traffic (especially left-lane slowpokes), standing in slow-moving grocery lines—you get the picture. Just wasting time 'cause I have things to do: "Gotta get 'er done!"

I could write 10-plus articles on what I have learned just on waiting alone. Here are just a few of the highlight revelations. A few of the many "wait" verses that powerfully speak to me include:

"Wait on the Lord; be strong, and may your heart be stout; wait on the Lord" (Ps. 27:14).

"My soul, wait silently for God, for my hope is from Him" (Ps. 62:5).

"For evildoers will be cut off, but those who hope in the Lord will inherit the earth" (Ps. 37:9).

Some of my key revelations this year on waiting include:

  • Wait (quwa) means "to expect, look patiently, tarry, hope."
  • Wait (gala) means "to bind together, look for eagerly, look for with hope."
  • Trust (elipzo) means "to wait in full joy and confidence."
  • Waiting is not doing nothing, but doing whatever you sense He desires while you wait.
  • Waiting helps you grow in sensitivity to the Lord and His promptings.
  • Through waiting, I receive strength, inheritance, signs and wonders, encouragement, endurance, even the land
  • Waiting is not painful sorrow but eager anticipation plus hopeful expectation.

The Bible is filled with stories of those who waited and then received including:

  • Moses waited = greatest leader in the history of Israel
  • Joseph waited = COO of Egypt
  • David waited = greatest king of Israel
  • Nehemiah waited = great rebuilder
  • Noah waited = deliverer of God's people
  • Disciples waited = first large group to receive supernatural kingdom power

Stepping Into 2019

So, what has all this to do with next year? Everything, just as whatever God taught you this year impacts your journey into next year.

Next week, I share my theme for 2019—a powerful one that many of you will also embrace.

I now see why I had to go this year go through presence into pruning and waiting—for what will be released next year!

Dr. Jim Harris is an executive coach, adviser and author of 14 award-winning business books. Download his free 31 Power Prayers to Prosper Your Business. Connect with Dr. Jim on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

This article originally appeared at drjimharris.com.

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