The Vast Majority of Pastors Are Not Doing This

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Seventy-five percent of pastors have not taken a stand in their pulpits on the midterm elections. Think of that. With the highest stakes ever—and the Christian vote essential for victory—they have not talked about this election.

Do you doubt it? Go by your own experience. You will not only know it's true, but it may be more than 75 percent. Did you hear anything last Sunday? Are you being instructed on the issues and who to vote for? Are you hearing excuses instead of conviction?

If the polls are right, it will take a miracle for Republicans to keep the House of Representatives. It should never have come to this. The Christian bloc should have won easily. Tens of millions of Christians had the power to vote the left out of office. So far, they haven't.

If Nancy Pelosi returns as they predict she will, the Democrats will instantly seize the Russia investigation. They will move to impeach Trump and will even go after Kavanaugh. Expect a torrent of subpoenas and gridlock. Expect a recession. She'll be back because pulpits are afraid.

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I am an advocate for pastors. They have an impossible task today. There are many great men and women of God in America. That is what makes this virtual blackout on the midterms so bewildering.

Think of it. If pastors are anything, they are watchmen. Do they understand how the sheep will suffer in a world of anti-God laws, hateful leaders, a trashed economy and nation that will be far more divided that it is now? No matter how high-sounding their words—if they failed to protect the sheep from the one thing that will cause them suffering—they failed their most basic duty.

One of them said, "I will not allow divisive politics into the kingdom of God." My, doesn't that sound right. However, it's the pastors who refuse to speak up are the ones bringing "divisive politics" into the kingdom of God. We who speak out are bringing the kingdom of God to evil. Let me explain.

One of these silent pastors came up to me and said, "Mario, you are too political."

I thought, I'm the one who's political?

I asked him, "Why aren't you warning the church to vote against the evil of the left against the church?"

"It would divide my church and affect my finances."

"You mean it would cost you votes and campaign funds? You're the politician, not me."

This evil began as politics but has darkened into something that hates America and what we stand for. What we are trying to stop is not politics—it transcends politics. It is a satanic agenda we are attacking. Ever since Obama, it stopped being politics and it became spiritual warfare. The decision to seek self-preservation above the good of the people and the nation is the kind of politics that would make a leftist senator proud.

But there is another villain in this situation, and I am calling you out. If you threatened your pastor—by removing your money or your influence—if they were taking a stand for the Republicans in this election, I don't care how right to be a Never-Trumper or a pro-Democrat Christian you think you are. Boycotting your church and intimidating your pastor is wrong—you should be ashamed.

If you don't know what is at stake—if you don't feel it is a natural extension of your faith in Christ to oppose abortion, legislation of immorality and censorship of the church—if you attend church regularly and didn't know how much we stand to lose by sitting this one out, blame your pulpit.

But no matter what, vote! Vote against the destruction of our freedom and our values. Even though it appears likely Nancy Pelosi will be the speaker of the House and Maxine Waters will be on the finance committee—vote. Vote! Even though the experts are saying it is too late for Trump's last-minute campaigning for beleaguered Republican candidates, there is still time for a miracle.

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