4 Possible Christian Responses to Cultural Change

A wrong response to culture is more than unhealthy or unhelpful. (Unsplash)

As followers of Christ, we won't always fit into the world in which we live. In fact, we'll often find ourselves going against the flow of popular culture in certain areas of life.

It's necessary for us to have a solid biblical foundation to stand on in the midst of a rapidly shifting cultural landscape.

We need to know how the eternal Word of God shapes our understanding of current issues and how we can share the gospel compassionately and courageously with the people around us.

Here are four possible responses to cultural change:

  1. We conform. We start compromising what we believe and the way we act in order to appeal to and appease the surrounding culture. We may even genuinely believe that doing so is both loving and strategic, hoping somehow people will be attracted to Jesus through a less offensive form of Christianity and will ultimately be saved. However, we have to realize that our goal isn't to make following Jesus easier. The message of the gospel is necessarily countercultural and offensive to the human heart.
  2. We check out. The opposite extreme is to secede from culture, distancing ourselves so completely that we never have any interaction with the world around us. Again, the intent may seem honorable and sincere because we want to remove even an appearance of evil and the temptation of sin. But Jesus specifically prayed that His Father wouldn't take His followers out of the world but protect them while they were sent into it (see John 17:15-16).

The world around us desperately needs the life-changing power of the gospel. Forming an isolated, insulated subculture may feel countercultural, but it isn't an appropriate response.

  1. We combat. This approach is antagonistic and defensive. While the intent begins moving in the right direction, refusing to give in to or give up on the world around us, it misses the heart of Jesus. This response sees culture as an enemy to be defeated instead of people to be saved. Our desire must not be to prove ourselves right or to force our way on the world around us. Instead, our goal is to show Christ to be true and worthy. Just as wrong as running away from our culture is driving people away from the church. Countering culture doesn't mean attacking it.
  2. We counter. Countering culture means engaging culture with conviction and compassion. We stand firmly on the truth of God, empowered by the Spirit, to extend the love of Christ to the world. Our desire isn't to conquer but to redeem. It matters what we do, how we do it and why we do it.

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The heart of every Christian should burn with desire for God's glory. We can't sit back and remain silent while God isn't glorified and people are on a path that ultimately leads to self-destruction. We must ask God to cause His name to be known and loved in our culture. That desire should drive not only our personal prayers, but also our public lives on a daily basis.

A wrong response to culture is more than unhealthy or unhelpful. Engaging our culture is literally a matter of life or death.

Ed Stetzer holds the following titles: Billy Graham Distinguished Chair of Church, Mission, and Evangelism at Wheaton College; executive director of the Billy Graham Center; dean of the Wheaton College School of Mission, Ministry, and Leadership; and interim teaching pastor of Moody Church in Chicago.

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