7 Much-Needed Ways Business Evangelists Can Equip Their Followers

Business evangelists are excited to share good news.
Business evangelists are excited to share good news. (Unsplash)

In previous posts, I introduced the supernatural roles of business apostle and business prophet. Today let's review the supernatural role of business evangelist.

Role of Business Evangelist

Evangelist (evangelistes)—bringer of good tidings; announcer of the good news;

Business evangelists possess a supernatural gift of zeal for their product or service. They are passionate to get out the good news, of broadcasting the amazing advantages and power of the services and products they offer.

In the words of personal development icon Dale Carnegie, business evangelists know How To Win Friends and Influence People. They touch the hearts and souls of others through their overwhelming enthusiasm and relentless focus on "closing the deal."

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Some biblical examples of business evangelists include Philip (food distributor), Andrew (fisherman and disciple recruiter) and the woman at the well (community outreach).

Key Characteristics of Business Evangelists

Some key characteristics of a business evangelist can include:

  • Enjoy getting the word out
  • Enthusiasm for their beliefs
  • Easily communicate and connect with others
  • Exude a contagious passion that excites others to listen and respond
  • Implement fresh approaches to broadcasting their message to new audiences
  • Actively spend time with non-enthusiasts
  • Outgoing personality
  • Persuasive verbal skills
  • Intense and often unrelenting focus to broadcast their message

How Business Evangelists Equip Their Saints

Business evangelists are called to bring a new message to those who have not heard or potentially may disagree with their message. Realizating that entering "enemy" territory alone could quickly turn into failure, they often look for others to join their team and their cause.

Some of the ways a business evangelist equips his team include:

  • Encourage their team to get involved
  • Exhort others to speak up
  • Help people feel good about themselves and their decisions
  • Champion positive, winning work culture (alongside the business pastor)
  • Ensure the team clearing understand the benefits of their products and services
  • Enthusiastically train up others to push back their competitors (enemies) and take their territory
  • Teach others how to testify to all groups on their core convictions

The Business Evangelist's Mandate

Business evangelists enthusiastically carry the enormous weight of being the first to break into enemy camps, to step into potentially tough situations with a message of hope, restoration and a better future. Additionally, they are called to raise up other business evangelists who will help carry this mantle to wherever the Lord sends them.

Although the potential cost of bravely entering new, even hostile territory is great, a business evangelists' laser-life focus is upon the positive impact their mission can have within the markets they are called to enter. Their willingness to potentially pay the ultimate price is critical to reclaiming territory for the Lord.

This post is an excerpt from Dr. Jim's forthcoming book, Anointed to Lead: How to Discover and Unleash Your Supernatural Leadership Gifts to be released summer 2017.

Dr. Jim Harris is president of The Jim Harris Group, an international speaking and advising firm dedicated to helping believers in business unleash their unfair advantage in the marketplace. He is the author of Our Unfair Advantage: Unleash the Power of the Holy Spirit in Your Business and numerous other award-winning business books.

This article originally appeared at drjimharris.com.

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