Lyndon Johnson
Lyndon Johnson (Wikimedia Commons )

Amazon's outspoken No. 1 author, Robert Bakke, says a political play made by Lyndon Johnson back in 1954 eliminated the First Amendment right of pastors, and it needs to be repealed.

Bakke is referring to legislation introduced back in 1954 when then Texas Sen. Lyndon Johnson fought to retain his Senate seat. Johnson was being challenged by Texas rancher Dudley Dougherty, who was being supported by a non-profit organization.

Senator Johnson introduced an amendment to the Section 501(c) (3) federal tax code banning charitable organizations from supporting political candidates. There is no record of any debate around the amendment, and no churches were involved.

The amendment became law and overflowed to prohibit churches and pastors from supporting political candidates, ultimately removing the church's influence in government. The penalty for violating the law is the loss of the church's 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status, which immediately threatens to bankrupt most churches.

Bakke insists that America's prosperity was a direct result of America having the power of God at the forefront. "God is all about power and prosperity," says Bakke, "Removing that from America's foundation has only made us weaker ... check the debt clock," says Bakke, "The Bible says 'a nation shall never borrow.'"

Bakke knows a few things about power and prosperity. He is a jet pilot, a black belt, a local NASCAR Driver, an Amazon No. 1 best-selling author and was running a multi-million-dollar company by the age of 24.

"We're going to restore the church's right to free speech," says Bakke, "And we never lose."  

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