Are You Putting Your Team in Danger?

Are you putting your team in danger with some of your decisions? (iStock photo )

Being resolute means you are purposeful, determined and unwavering in your commitment. Would your team describe you as this kind of leader?

The team you lead needs a leader who is all in. Resolved. Determined. Committed. No excuses and no wavering from the mission. Anything less is hurting your team. How determined are you to lead?

There are always reasons to give up and quit as a leader. The critics are real and the problems can be overwhelming. The challenges of change are a constant reminder that there is no room for complacency. Your team requires a leader who is all in, resolved to move the mission and organization forward, no matter the challenges.

I remember launching a new initiative as a young leader. The results were less than we planned, which meant we were going to miss budget and our ministry goal. I was so discouraged. I went to my leader, knowing the project would be cancelled and I would be dismissed. I reviewed the results, and he stepped in to help. We adjusted the plan to help manage costs, and he outlined for me the learning we would have by going forward. He restated the loss as a great investment in the future. The lessons I learned have served me well.

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Here are seven signs that you are a resolved leader:

  1) You lean into problems.
You don't avoid them, ignore them or make excuses for problems. You also don't blame others for the problems. You show up and your team knows you are not afraid of challenges.

  2) Your team is quick to tell you when there is a problem.
They tell you because they know you will walk it out with them. They know you won't place blame but are quick to provide the resources to help address the challenges.

  3) You see problems first as organizational problems.
You don't see problems as a people problem but as opportunities for your organization to get both stronger and better. It is first and foremost an organizational problem. You are not looking for a person to blame.

  4) You provide leadership calm to challenges.
No, you aren't happy there is a problem. Happiness is not what your team needs. They need a leader who brings the right people together to lean into the challenge with a commitment to find the best solution for the customers you serve and to help the organization get stronger.

  5) You make sure your team grows through the challenge.
The way you handle a challenge will make all the difference in the opportunity to learn, grow and develop. You hold the key to the tone and environment for engaging during a challenging situation. Set it up well and watch how your team tackles the most challenging situations for a better outcome.

  6) You care more about the future than you do today.
You keep a longer view in mind as you lead through challenges. You know the way you work through the problems of today will set your team up for success tomorrow. You don't want to miss the development of people, systems and your organization for a short-term solution.

  7) You are honest about the challenges.
You are honest with your team about the challenges and even about your own feelings as a leader. Being resolute means the mission of your organization is greater than the challenges you face.

Your team needs your leadership. In a time of great change, they need a leader who is resolved to lead with confidence in the mission of your organization.

"Nor do I count my life of value to myself, so that I may joyfully finish my course and the ministry which I have received from the Lord Jesus, to testify to the gospel of the grace of God" (Acts 20:24).  

Selma Wilson is the executive leader of people at LifeWay Christian Resources and a family/marriage counselor and speaker. This article originally appeared at

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