Charisma Church in Paris, France

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Paris: the city of lights. It is a city known for romance and love—one of the most desired cities in the world.

Our hearts have been torn with anguish as we've witnessed its distress and grief.

I was in Paris, France ministering at Charisma Church, where Pastor Pedro and his wife Natali have pastored since 1989. Every seat was filled and had been some 90 minutes before the service even started. I do not know the number of people in attendance, but I believe it was at least four to five thousand. In addition, hundreds of people were in the overflow video rooms, while the youth and children's church were jammed to capacity.

As I was standing there that day listening for the voice of the Spirit, I was reminded of the words of the apostle Paul in Romans 5:20. The NIV states it this way, "But where sin increased, grace increased all the more." In the exponential wickedness of our age, this verse is a revelation from the heart of God. I like how the Amplified version puts this idea: "But where sin increased, [God's remarkable, gracious gift of] grace [His unmerited favor] has surpassed it and increased all the more."

We do not ignore the sin and darkness of our generation, but we recognize that Christ has a solution for the rising tide of evil—exponential grace. He is not wringing His hands in heaven unsure of how to proceed. Instead, He is calling His men, women and His church to demonstrate the power of His amazing grace. Though Satan is still fighting the inevitable, one thing is sure—he has already lost.

Where sin increases, God's grace increases all the more. Even as the sin in our world rises daily, we can be assured that God's grace is constantly increasing at all times.

Yes, sin is actively corrupting our world—but there is also abounding grace exploding around us at every moment. Miracles of all dramatic conversions, remarkable transformations and dynamic healings are happening all over the world today.

While the enemy is striving to plunder people's lives, there is the mighty healing hand of God, actively touching and transforming the nations. Grace.

While there is terror roaming the earth, there is the peace of God found steady in our hearts. Grace.

While Satan is still fighting the triumph of the cross, Christ has already won the victory and given it to us. Grace.

While sin is abounding, the church is growing at an explosive rate. Grace.

The greatest joy and pleasure in my life is witnessing the move of God throughout the nations of the world, and throughout the United States of America.

The gospel is reaching the unreachable, and the Holy Spirit is moving in unimaginable ways. Jesus Christ is changing the lives of countless people. God's grace is present. And God's grace is abounding.

No matter what happens next in the world, keep your focus on the grace of God. Keep your expectations set high for the move of God to surprise and shake every nation, every city and every tongue! Grace will have the final say. Grace will win the day.

Mikel French has challenged "Spiritual Awakening" all across America, where many celebrations extended into multiple weeks, and has conducted celebrations in France, Sweden, Russia, Romania, Poland, Ukraine, Moldova, Serbia, Germany, South Africa, Malawi, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Haiti, Japan, Singapore, India and Thailand. He conducted an outreach celebration in Manila, Philippines reaching 200,000 teenagers with The Book of Hope. Through the generous support of partners, he has presented the message of Jesus Christ to millions of people in the nation of Russia through televised citywide Soul-Winning Celebrations. Mikel considers it an honor to assist in conducting The Annual Pastor's Conference, where thousands of pastors from Russia's 11 time zones come for training, teaching and equipping. Mikel and his wife, Marsha, reside in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Rebecca Moore contributed to this article.

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