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I love the way the Lord’s Prayer is rendered in the King James Version.

Jesus prayed, “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven” (Matt. 6:10, KJV). While some translations say, “Your will be done on the earth,” the King James says, “Thy will be done in earth.”

Genesis 2:7 says, “God formed man of the dust of the ground.” We are made from the earth, we are vessels of earth, and when God’s will is done in us, or “in earth,” then and only then can God’s will be done “on the earth.”

Jesus prayed, “Thy kingdom come,” and continued by saying, “Thy will be done.” These are two inseparable conditions. Wherever God’s kingdom has come, there His will is being done. Likewise, when God’s will is being done, there His kingdom has come.

If we are seeking the kingdom first, then the kingdom is our main ambition, and this is demonstrated in two ways. First, we want to see God’s will done “in earth” (in our own lives), and second, we seek to see His will done "on the earth" (in the whole world).

It all begins with the heart—it all begins with us. Many people want to change the world. They want to see the nations bow their knees to the King of kings and the Lord of lords. Yet the hearts and lives of many of these people still aren’t surrendered. Jesus said, “The kingdom of God is within you” (Luke 17:21, NKJV).

What was Jesus talking about? He was talking about God’s will being done in the hearts of men. Human kings fight over land and spoil, but the real estate God desires is that of the heart.

Jesus said in John 7:38, “He who believes in Me, as the Scripture said, ‘From his innermost being will flow rivers of living water’” (NASB). He didn’t say we would see rivers of water flow from heaven—He said they would flow from inside His people!

God’s kingdom is not coming out of the blue sky; it’s coming from within us! God’s will is that every believer becomes an annexation of His kingdom, a portal through which He can pour His glory and release His power into the world. If you want to see God’s kingdom come on earth, it starts with God’s will being done in earth—in you!

Romans 14:17 says, “For the kingdom of God is not meat and drink; but righteousness, and peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost” (KJV). This is the inward condition of people who have submitted themselves to God. They are filled with righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost. It’s heaven in earth!

This article is excerpted from chapter 7 of Daniel Kolenda’s book Live Before You Die.

Daniel Kolenda is a missionary evangelist who has led more than 10 million people to Christ face-to-face through massive, open-air evangelistic campaigns in some of the most dangerous, difficult and remote locations on earth. He is president and CEO of Christ for All Nations and hosts an internationally syndicated television program.

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