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Top of mind awareness is as relevant today as it was at the dawn of branding products and services.
In marketing, top of mind awareness (TOMA) refers to a brand or specific product being first in customers' minds when thinking of a particular product or service category.
A key point in understanding TOMA is that any recall other than FIRST recall, probably does not lead to a purchase.
Today, many marketers want to skip the steps necessary to build brand awareness. Marketers want to spend a dollar and have more than a dollar returned by Saturday.
For a new book or other product, marketers must drip a message to prospective buyers about benefits and/or problem solutions to the new offering. 
Customers continue to ask, "What does this shiny new object mean to my life? I want to pass it by. I don't want to spend money on this. What's in it for me?"
Many product owners expect to place their new offering on the market and experience immediate sales response. How can we expect prospective customers to find the product and make a purchase decision?
I suppose we can debate the definition of "immediate response" but in my experience, it takes longer today to break out of the clutter of messages than ever before in marketing history. ALL marketers compete for SOME share of mind.
The first step in marketing is to create awareness for the product and the solution it offers. Create a buzz somehow. It can be done with low cost/no cost methods if time isn't critical. But if we expect to fill our bank account with sales revenue quickly, we must spend marketing dollars to create awareness for the product. And we must commit to delivering an awareness message with heavy frequency.  
The brands you recall and have known for many years have purchased a piece of your mind.
Top of mind awareness is an investment.
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