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Ministry Today 21: The Dream Center

The Dream Center in Los Angeles, Calif.
The Dream Center in Los Angeles, Calif. (Facebook)

Throughout the month of May, will highlight Ministry Today magazine's 21 ministries and churches influencing the 21st-century church. Today it's the Dream Center in Los Angeles, which specializes in compassion ministry.


Will the Real Jesus Please Show Up?

Jesus film
(Jesus film)

Shouldn’t the supernatural should be the norm in the life of the church?


Can a Big Church Possibly Care for People Well?

It's a fallacy that large churches cannot care for their people as well as small churches.
It's a fallacy that large churches cannot care for their people as well as small churches. (Lightstock)

A common assumption has it that larger churches do not care for people as well as smaller churches. Mark Driscoll tell us why that is a fallacy.


6 Principles for City Transformation Through Church Planting


When the church is about four walls and a meeting place, disciples are made for the church instead of for the world. Find out how disciples for the city tend to be focused on transforming the city and the world.


Research: Protestants Increase Involvement in Social Justice

Harvest Food Bank

Many Christians believe they can't preach Jesus and not care about justice or, conversely, that they can't have true justice without pointing people toward Jesus the Just. Find out why the numbers seem to show that more churches are catching that mission.


7 Strategies for Taking Your Community by Storm

Pastor-Rick-Warren-Purpose-Driven-LifeFellow pastors and church leaders, we are in a battle for souls. The Bible encourages us to “endure hardship as a soldier.”

This is not to say that we are at war with people, and we need to be very careful to realize that the war we are involved in is spiritual in nature. In fact, the war we are engaged in is far more important than any earthly one. The implications of our war are eternal.

Victory is not a matter of who will be in charge politically or who will control natural resources. It’s a battle that will determine how many people we can rescue from sin forever. We’re talking about souls for eternity.


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