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How to Overcome the Most Depressing Thing About Being a Pastor

As a pastor, do you often beat yourself up over little things that don't ultimately matter?
As a pastor, do you often beat yourself up over little things that don't ultimately matter? (Lightstock)

There is one thing pastors particularly hate to deal with. The ironic thing is that it’s self-imposed.


Are You Performing or Ministering?

Are you performing or ministering? (iStock photo)

Ministry can be stressful at times. But have you lost your true identity as a pastor by trying to do everything?


8 Reasons I’d Love to Be a Pastor Again

While pastoring a church can be a major challenge, it also carries with it great rewards. (Lightstock)

Not everyone is called to be a pastor, but for those who are, there are a lot of great spiritual benefits.


Why Being a Pastor Is Not for Everybody

Pastorate privilege
Do you think more about your right to free speech or about the integrity of the gospel? (Lightstock)

While freedom of speech may not apply to the pastorate, the qualifications of the role protect the integrity and reputation of a greater message: freedom in Christ.


What the Visiting Preacher Needs From the Host Pastor

Visiting preacher
Visiting preachers and officials at host churches need some understanding before the guest takes the pulpit. (Lightstock)

Here are a few things that need to be understood between a guest preacher and the church officials who are hosting him or her.


10 Significant Questions to Ask Yourself Before Becoming a Lead Pastor

Bishop Joseph Mattera
Bishop Joseph Mattera

Are these some things you considered before taking the reins of responsibility for a church? What do you think about these questions if you’re considering it now?


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