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Journalists are famous for coming up with lists. There is the Fortune 500, the Forbes 400 and the Time Magazine 100. Even in the Christian circles, there are lists of the "biggest and the best."

At Ministry Today, our core values are not simply to play up the biggest and the best. However, we believe ministries and churches should be recognized for being godly examples and models for others.

As the managing editor of Ministry Today magazine, I am proud to unveil our Ministry Today 21—a list of 21 churches and ministries that are influencing the 21st-century church. In our special May/June issue, we highlighted these 21 unique ministries, all of which have become models for others to emulate in the ministry world today.

We want everyone to know, however, that this is not a list ranking the 21 best churches or ministries in the United States. The Ministry Today 21 was created as a resource for pastors and ministry leaders from which to glean ideas that could possibly enhance their own kingdom efforts.

"This special issue of Ministry Today was created not to promote one church or ministry over another, but to show all ministerial leaders how God is glorified through these effective and successful organizations," said Charisma Media CEO and Ministry Today publisher Steve Strang. "We're confident that the 21 ministries and churches we chose do simply that. Other churches throughout the world certainly can learn from their example."

Since its publication, our May/June issue has received a great deal of positive feedback from pastors and ministerial leaders throughout the nation.

"I received my copy of the new Ministry Today magazine, and it is great," said Jimmy Evans, co-founder of MarriageToday in the Dallas, Texas, area. "Thank you for including us in this, it is truly a great honor. And, I really believe this magazine will be of great benefit to pastors receiving it."

The following is a list of the Ministry Today 21 and the ministries for which they were chosen:

  • Antioch Community Church, Waco, Texas—Expressing the Good News of Jesus in word and deed through missions
  • Association of Related Churches (ARC)—One of the most fruitful church-planting networks worldwide
  • Bethel Church, Redding, Calif.—God's miraculous healing power manifested
  • Christ for all Nations—Winning millions of souls for Christ through worldwide evangelism
  • Cityteam—A movement impacting billions through explosive discipleship training
  • Convoy of Hope—Opening doors for the gospel by meeting physical needs
  • The Dream Center, Los Angeles, Calif.—Changing the lives of the downtrodden and lost through compassion ministry
  • Empowered21—Connecting the next generation with the Holy Spirit
  • Gateway Church, Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas—Displaying God's love through generous living
  • International House of Prayer KC—Setting new standards for prayer
  • Joyce Meyer Ministries—Effectively taking the gospel worldwide through the media
  • LifeChurch.tv, Edmond, Okla. —Taking innovation to the next level for Christ
  • Marriage Today—Saving marriages and equipping husbands and wives to flourish
  • New Life Covenant Church, Chicago, Ill.—Bringing the hope of Jesus to the hurting and destitute through compassion
  • OneHope—Reaching billions of children worldwide through missions
  • The Potter's House—Impacting culture through Christian filmmaking
  • The Ramp—Awakening and equipping future generations to the purposes of God
  • Saddleback Church, Lake Forest, Calif.—Reaching unchurched groups worldwide through pastoral influence
  • Somebody Cares International—Touching millions through humanitarian aid
  • Teen Mania—Challenging and equipping youth to live for something greater than themselves
  • Youth With a Mission—Training young missionaries to impact the world through the gospel

It is my wish that this special issue of Ministry Today will not only bless all ministerial leaders, but will also be a blessing to he communities and the world in which they serve. I am proud to partner with these ministries and churches in reaching the world for Jesus, and I look forward to highlighting other worthy ministries in future issues.

All of God's blessings,

Shawn A. Akers, Managing Editor, Ministry Today magazine

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