Men Around the World Are Giving Up Porn, and It's Because of This...

With 68% of Christian men viewing pornography on a regular basis, the church is in desperate need for something to help men understand what they are up against. read more

4 Tips to Being a Better Husband in 2019

Nearly 1 million men have started their journey to freedom from pornography using this powerful... read more

How Men Are Quitting Porn in 2019 - You've gotta see this...

Nearly 1 million men have started their journey to freedom from pornography using this powerful... read more

It's Time to Wake Up, Wash Over and Watch Out!

We can't afford to delay any longer. read more

Are You Part of the Cross Power Generation?

We are called to help people learn about Jesus, believe in Jesus and obey His words. How are you fulfilling the Great Commission? read more

Don't Miss Church Extension Plan's New Investment Rates!

When you invest with Church Extension Plan, your money will not only earn more, it will achieve more. read more

Foundations of the Faith for Followers of Christ

How firm is your foundation?  The Christian Basics Bible equips you with the tools you need to know biblical truths and to build your life on a firm foundation. read more

8 Steps to Self-Publishing

Self-publishing your book is easier and more important than ever. You have the opportunity to be seen as the expert authority in your niche. read more

Press the Pause Button—It's Time

Remember, taking time for God means also taking time for you. read more

3 Things Every Miraculous Group Leader Needs

The best leaders in history were not always amazing. If you study their lives, each one had someone that took the time to mentor them to greatness. read more

Are you Called to Seminary?

As president of IHOPU, Allen makes prayer part of the curriculum. Students study theology in the classroom and then pray and meditate upon those scriptural truths in the prayer room. read more

The Hidden Key to Surviving Life's Scary Storms

You can follow God into a new adventure!  read more

The Real Reason David's Worship Moved God's Heart

This is what God really wants from you.  read more

Learn How to Remain Kingdom Minded!

But what is the kingdom of God, and how do we proclaim it? If we intend to hold God's kingdom as the true incentive focus of our activities, we must effectively answer this question.  read more

A Single Request From the Singles in Your Church

Avoid the temptation to give cliché answers to their questions and concerns. Try these helpful responses instead. read more

The Secret to Faith That Breaks Down Obstacles

Is God calling you to draw battle lines right now for the spiritual attack you're facing? read more

One Encounter With God Changes Everything

That's all it takes to shake up and radically transform a person's life. read more

These 3 Foods Drain Your Energy

There are three so called "superfoods" you should never eat. They may be toxic to your body and might be draining your energy.  read more

Don't Play It Safe—Play the Man

Mark Batterson introduces seven virtues of manhood in his new book, Play the Man. Discover the first virtue of manhood and what it really means to be a tough guy. read more

Kay Warren Understands that Your Role as a Pastor's Wife is Like No Other

Maybe you are in the middle of some fierce opposition in your ministry and you've had the thought, I can't do this anymore, God. read more
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