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What the unchurched dislike about church, Support for women in ministry, Facing the issues of accountability and racism
Stat Man

I read your March/April cover story on George Barna by Margaret A. Feinberg ("Stat Man") including the results of his research on what the unchurched dislike about church. I'm in the church and see the same dynamics he mentioned week in and week out. I don't disagree with the unchurched when it comes to the statistics Barna detailed.

I deal with all these issues out in the world. Why should I deal with them where I attend church? If the leaders would lead by example, a greater work for the Lord would be done. But in my Christian walk, what I have observed is, "Do as I say, not as I do." And that is why both the churched and unchurched are tired of all the games.
Claude S. Avilez
Alta Loma, California

Preach It, Sister!

Thank you for the wonderful, encouraging article regarding women in ministry ("Overcoming the Obstacles to Women in Ministry" by Sharon Predovich, March/April). There are so many similarities in my life as a woman in ministry. Through the years I have lost many "friends" in the body of Christ as I have obediently pursued the call and anointing on my life.

There really are very few resources for a woman minister. And there needs to be an opportunity to connect with other women ministers. Certainly not to share war stories but to uplift, encourage and pray for one another.
Muriel Sanborn
Worcester, Massachusetts

I, too, am a female pastor--in fact, third generation. My grandmother pastored, and my mother is presently pastoring.

I did not call myself to preach or pastor. God called me, and I was obedient to His voice and said, "Yes, Lord."

I really don't get upset when men or women choose to express how they feel about the issue of women in ministry. I know God has called me out to do a work for Him. My husband and I are in ministry together. He is very supportive of me pastoring.
Cheryl Thomas
Palmdale, California

Issues We Must Face

I pastor a church in Louisiana. I agree with what Stephen Strang shared in his column in the 20th anniversary issue ("Twenty Issues Facing the Church," January/February). Just today I was told of a pastor-friend who fell into sin and left his family.

Regarding Mr. Strang's point on racism, I have done all I know to do to have a multiracial church, but there is so much prejudice between whites and blacks. I have black ministers in my church from time to time because we are trying to bridge the gap. Your column was right-on. Thank you.
name withheld

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