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Tribute to Fred Price, Re-examining the Word-Faith movement, Computer-use policy kudos, Rod Parsley not alone, A fear of Tongues, Accreditation correction
Honoring Fred Price

The article on my father, Frederick K. C. Price ("Paying the Price," July/August, by Matthew Green), was accurate and positive in its message and may rank as one of the best articles ever written about him. It was nice after 50 years of ministry to have someone so wonderfully tell my father's story. Thank you, Ministries Today, for such excellent journalism.
Angela M. Evans
Crenshaw Christian Center

Faith Debate

Thank you for the article by Eddie L. Hyatt ("Have We Misjudged the Word-Faith Movement?", July/August). I was raised Baptist, but have encountered many wonderful people from different denominations. Considering the article's short size, this is one of the most rational, balanced and scholarly looks at this movement I have ever read.
Stephen Arbo
Fort Worth, Texas

Eddie L. Hyatt goes to extreme lengths to avoid using the word "error." By highlighting only the so-called tangents, he avoids the difficult work of dealing with the doctrinal soil in which such tangents take root, labeling as "critics" those who dare to ask the thorny questions. To believers caught up in this belief system, there exists an unyielding culture which is both exclusive and arrogant. Hyatt's attempt to mainstream Word-Faith doctrine by highlighting a single sentence from Martin Luther is unfair at best.
J.R. Allebach
Apollo Beach, Florida

When Eddie L. Hyatt says that many Word-Faith leaders have "quietly moved away from a high-handed approach to faith and positive confession," I am left wondering who he's referring to. Some will admit that the Word-Faith movement has been guilty of error over the years. But most will not publicly come out and say who, when and where!
Dane Gressett
Firstfruits Christian Fellowship
Gorman, Texas

Burns Averted

I just read the article "Don't Get Burned" by Thomas Gehring in Ministry Matters (July/August). I want to thank you for your advice to us church leaders. I did have a difficult time locating and downloading the free computer-use policy on your Web site, though.
Roi Emiliani, senior pastor
Glorious Church
Pocono Pines, Pennsylvania

REPLY: Thanks for your interest in this article. To access the free download of Tom's computer-use policy go to, and click on the button labeled "Online Exclusives."

Parsley's Not Alone

In "He Will Be Silent No More" (May/June) J. Lee Grady refers to Rod Parsley as one of "a new breed of pastors?" Just because Pastor Parsley has had a change of heart and written a new book does not mean he has started something new. He is simply following in the footsteps of other men such as Pope John Paul II, D. James Kennedy, and other pastors who have attempted to impact the culture in the sanctuary and in the streets.
David Simpson,
Rector Charismatic
Episcopal Church of the Resurrection
Miramar, Florida

Dispelling Glossaphobia

Thank you for publishing Scott Hagan's article, "Help! Someone Is Speaking in Tongues" (March/April), on the more vocal gifts of the Spirit. Many charismatic churches have banned all vocal gifts in their church services unless coming from one of our celebrities. The fear of disorder has caused this overreaction.
Alan Latta, senior pastor
Generations Church
Granbury, Texas

CORRECTION: The article "Learn @ Home" by Ronald E. Cottle and Larry Keefauver (July/August) should have stated: "To be accredited, a school must be a member institution endorsed by an accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education." The article also failed to mention that Trinity College of the Bible and Theological Seminary is a candidate for accreditation with the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges, a regional accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.

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