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Reinhard Bonnke

Called to preach the gospel at the age of 10, German-born evangelist Reinhard Bonnke has served as both a pastor and a missionary. But, he always knew that God had specifically gifted him for mass evangelism.

"That's when my troubles really started," Bonnke says with a smile as he describes his efforts to fit the mold of a mild-mannered pastor.

"I wanted to do evangelism, and [those in leadership over me] didn't want me to do it. When God spoke to me and said that I should obey Him more than man, then His blessings began to follow."

Calling himself a "church-based evangelist," Bonnke remains committed to building local congregations through his soul-winning ministry. "I believe that biblical evangelism makes no sense if it doesn't lead new converts into the churches," he contends.

Bonnke's ministry, Christ for All Nations (, was launched in 1974, when he gathered a small team of people committed to evangelistic work in Africa. His first crusade, which was held in a stadium in Botswana, drew only 100 people the first night.

This changed, however, when the meeting was disrupted by a man leaping to his feet shouting, "I've just been healed!" His outburst was soon followed by similar exclamations from others in the audience.

Since then, Bonnke's preaching has continued to be accompanied by signs and wonders--a model that he believes comes straight from Scripture.

"It's wrong to run after signs and sensations as some do. Signs and wonders are never 'our' signs and wonders," he says. "They are always God's--because He is doing them. Signs and wonders authenticate the gospel and act like a key unlocking the hearts of the heathen."

A business leader for more than 30 years, Kent Humphreys owned and operated a nationwide general-merchandise distribution business. After selling the family business in 1997, Humphreys continued to be involved in real estate, manufacturing and medical-distribution businesses.

In 2002, he became president of Fellowship of Companies for Christ International (, an organization that equips and encourages Christian business owners who desire to use their companies as a platform for ministry. Humphreys has spoken in 16 seminaries across the United States and Canada and at numerous international conferences. He is on the board of trustees for several organizations, including Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and The Navigators.

His latest book is Lasting Investments: A Pastor's Guide for Equipping Workplace Leaders to Leave a Spiritual Legacy. For more information, visit Humphreys' Web site at

M. Scott Boren

M. Scott Boren is the cell-groups pastor of Hosanna! Church in Houston and the author of Making Cell Groups Work. Boren has served as the director of research and development for TOUCH Outreach Ministries since 1996. His next book, 10 Commandments of Authentic Biblical Community, will be released this fall by TOUCH Publications.

Randall G. Neighbour

Randall G. Neighbour is the president of TOUCH Outreach Ministries (www He and his wife co-lead a cell group as a part of the Houston Vineyard. Neighbour is the author of Are You Fishing With a Net? and Answers to Your Cell Group Questions. His newest book, Community Life 101, will be released this fall by TOUCH Publications.

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