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Globalization has opened the door for the church to reach lost humanity with the gospel like never before in history.

Jesus came to earth during an opportune time. Rome was the one ruling power providing roads, communication, common language and trade. As Rome did, so did the rest of the world. Thus, when Jesus died and the Romans smashed Jerusalem in 70 A.D., Christianity exploded not only in Rome, but also throughout the whole known world.

Scripture called this period the fullness of time. At just the right time, history's apex for incarnation, Christ came. And today, history has given us a similar opportunity.

The United States is the world's only superpower trumpeting democratic reforms, open markets and the freedoms of religion, association and press. American-born ideas, products and services are being globalized rapidly and successfully. We are more prosperous, better educated, healthier and have greater opportunity than ever before.

In addition, we have more Bible-believing, born-again, Spirit-filled Christians than ever before, both in the United States and worldwide. Life-giving churches are exploding around the world.

In the United States, a new megachurch is born every two weeks. We broadcast the gospel on television and radio. We produce missionaries, books, videos and microprocessors that help us communicate the gospel. Even Christian bumper-sticker sales are booming.

This is our hour. Our ranks are strong. This is the time to advance.


After decades of research, we now know how many unreached people groups there are. We know where they are, what language they speak, what their customs are and what they look like.

We have well-established schools on cross-cultural communication and global missions. We have refined methods of mobilizing the church for evangelization. We've become courageous promoters of the gospel and have learned to stop bickering in order to focus on the task ahead.

The world's people are at our doorstep, and we can reach them, if we will. Globalization was once trumpeted as the tool of the Antichrist, but it has become one of our greatest tools to penetrate the darkest parts of the world.

Even though we can't reach some people in their native settings, because of globalization we can reach them when they come into our spheres of influence to get an education or to do business.

What is our greatest enemy?

The devil? No.

Demons? No.

Political persecution? No.

We know how to defeat those modes of resistance.

Instead, I think our greatest enemy is simply distraction. False eschatology, materialism, immorality and sensuality are begging for our attention. They constantly attempt to mire us in muddy distractions, while the primary purpose of Christ's Great Commission goes unfulfilled.

But if we stay focused and intentional, we will succeed in every location we target with prayer and outreach. Governments have been unable to stop us, resistant religions are becoming nervous and archaic. Paralyzing theologies are being discredited.

Simply put, if we'll work together and remain focused on the lost, we will have a generation of explosive growth unlike what we've seen for 2,000 years. God has set us up for service to the world. It's ours if we want it.

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