Summit-Ministries-50th-CelebrationIn celebration of a half-century of life-changing, Christian worldview education, Summit Ministries will hold a dinner Celebration on October 20 in Colorado.

Under the leadership of new president Dr. Jeff Myers, Summit Ministries has provided a significant impact on the youth that it trains with its summer conferences and adult training programs. In a recent study, Summit’s Turning the Tide: Evidence of Impact Study, it was found that graduates of Summit Ministries affirm a Biblical worldview at four times the rate of the average born-again Christian. Graduates also experience up to a 429 percent growth in spiritual disciplines and positive habits of cultural engagement.

Summit grads not only understand their own Biblical worldview better after their experience at Summit training courses, they alsobetter understand many other major worldviews and topics covered during the course of the training. And when Summitstudents graduate from Summit’s programs, they show demonstrable increases in political activity.

“Scores of Christian leaders have been raised up based on the mission and vision that Dr. David Noebel started in 1962,” Myers said. “As we watch our culture deteriorate by moving closer to secularism and moral relativism, injecting our nation with the inoculation of committed Christians who understand the critical nature of the times we are in and who are able and willing to defend Christianity in the culture is critical to help turn the tide, and the hearts of non-believers, toward redemption.”

Christian leaders such as Dr. James Dobson and Josh McDowell have trusted Summit to help train their own children to think and act from a Christian worldview. Cultural leaders like Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachman, pro-life activist Lila Rose and author Joshua Harris are only a few who have attended Summit’s training courses and utilized their education to produce life-changing impact across the United States. Numerous Summit alumni, stakeholders, and faculty will celebrate Summit’s ongoing influence on the culture during the upcoming event.

Summit continues Noebel’s mission of grounding young Christian adults in their faith to help counter the barrage of secular challenges and progressive agendas they often find on college campuses. The ministryis working to expand its facilities to house cultural innovation events. Top Christian scholars and high-potential young adults come together to strategically plan ways to bring a Christian influence to areas of economics, sociology, journalism, media, business, entertainment and law.

Summit Ministries encourages students and adults to share their faith intelligently and compassionately, focusing on topics that range from respect for life to economics and understanding the nuances of various worldviews. Summit also sponsors events for adults and educators, as well as one- and two-day workshops from Jeff Myers, John Stonestreet and John Hay. For more information, visit

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