Heart Fire

The Seed of Evil

The cause of Adolf Hitler's descent into darkness provides a lesson to the modern-day church that we shouldn't ignore. read more

Tear Down This Wall!

Legalism in the church is like a fortified wall that separates us from God and one another. It's time we tear it down. read more

Lesson of the Cross

Four principles from the crucifixion account are essential to developing an effective and well-balanced philosophy of ministry. read more

An Envoy of Hope

God has called the church to bring hope to the nations. But what is required of us before that can happen? read more

Abstinence From Whine

We hate it when members of our flock whine yet often excuse it in ourselves. But God does not take ministerial murmuring lightly. read more

Let It Go

Some of the most painful grudges in the church are between leaders. read more

Pocket Change

We must be careful not to close our eyes to the anguish of those who are suffering and lost. read more
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