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He has lead business organizations, served as a dean of a college of business and lead as a senior pastor. Greene's primary focus is to equip the leaders of saints.

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21 Must-Have Pastor's Tools: Insurance

By Ministry Today Staff

Church building projects require special insurance protection. Here's what you need to know.

21 Must-Have Pastor's Tools: Fundraising

By Chris Ridgeway

Here are four proven models of fundraising that can help you with your finances or in church planting.

Medi-Share helps Christians share medical bills while saving money and complying with ObamaCare.

21 Must-Have Pastor's Tools: Health Care

By Tony Meggs

Here's how an organization is helping give Christians the option of directly sharing medical bills while saving money.


21 Must-Have Pastor's Tools: Bibles

By Jason McMullen

We have more access to the Scriptures than ever before. Here's why the Modern English Version is a must-have for pastors.

So, why aren't you blogging?

21 Must-Have Pastor's Tools: Blogs

By Dr. Steve Greene

So, why aren't you blogging? If you are, are you getting positive feedback?

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