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Min-Outside-Box Chuck-EChuck E. Church Mouse at a Church Near You!

Recently I was part of a team that used a store mascot to do some local marketing. We visited a family carnival night at a local elementary school. The evening was a massive success. In fact, I even overheard a few kids talking about when the bear mascot had refereed their hockey game a few months ago.

It reinforced an idea I’ve been thinking about for a while. Why don’t children’s ministries in church use some kind of mascot to connect with kids? I know how much my own kids love going to Chuck E. Cheese and singing and dancing with Chuck E. the mouse. Most kids really enjoy interacting with an over-sized animal. I think churches need to get on board with this and use it as a way to get kids excited about church each week.

Now obviously, I’m not proposing that we eliminate Jesus as the hero, or that we replace Him with some critter costume. But couldn’t we at least use a mascot to get kids excited about Jesus? Why not use something larger than life to teach kids about the one who truly is larger than life? My instinct and experience tells me that our kids would go nuts over this kind of thing. Something about fantasy hooks the attention of kids.

I do have one fear, though: that churches might start creating really cheesy Bible mascots. Let’s meet kids where they’re at and connect a non-Bible character with Bible characters—and teach biblical truths that are eternally significant.

Brenton Balvin is a writer, blogger and speaker passionate about helping churches create great ideas and  first impressions. 

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