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8 Reasons a Church Plant May Not Grow

Church plant

Some sow seeds, and others reap a harvest. Here's why you may be 1 of the former.


7 Ways Your Church Can Project the Message ‘You’re Not Welcome’

Church sign
Does your church signage tend to repel visitors? (Photo courtesy of Ron Edmondson)

Whether it's unintentional or not, here are some things that can repel visitors away from your doors.


Small Group Involvement Can Change Lives

Small groups
Small groups are a great way for your church members to get connected. (Lightstock)

Pastors, if you don't have a small groups ministry in your church, here's how it can improve the quality of life for the members of your congregation.


Are You Using This Template for Church Planting?

Church plant
If planting a new church, are you planting it based on the Holy Spirit? (Lightstock )

If this particular element isn't involved when starting a new church, George Wood says you may simply be building on sinking sand.


Should You Write 'Pastor Books' or 'Serious Books'?

Are you writing pastor books or serious books?
Are you writing pastor books or serious books? (iStock photo)

Are you really serious about the message you're trying to get across? Media consultant Phil Cooke says some books, while helpful, miss the mark with the really important aspects of God's Kingdom.


21 Mistakes That Can Prevent a Church From Growing

Are any or all of these things keeping your church from growing?
Are any or all of these things keeping your church from growing? (Lightstock)

There are probably more than 21 mistakes you can make that stunt your church growth. But let's start with the low-hanging fruit. Are you falling into any of these traps?


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