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5 Steps to Reaching Westernized Muslims for the Gospel

Muslim worship
Muslim worship (Wikimedia)

What does a strategy to reach people of the Islamic faith in the Western world look like? Here are some solid suggestions.


Loving the Lost: Churches Without the Broken Are Broken Churches

Are we simply 'hanging out' with other Christians, or are we evangelizing the lost and broken? (Lightstock)

Are we so concerned about how people view us that we'll never be accused of spending too much time with sinners?


Witness the Transforming Power of Small Groups

Small groups
Do you offer small groups at your church? How effective are they? (Lightstock)

Here's why it's crucial for your church to offer small groups for its members.


Labeling People as This Might Turn Them Away From Church

Are you 'targeting' millennials in your church, or loving them into the Kingdom? (iStock photo)

Here's a word you probably shouldn't be using when talking about trying to attract people to your services.


The Untold Story: Why the US Church Is Not Growing

Sudanese church
Through great evangelistic efforts, churches in Africa are experiencing explosive growth. (iStock photo)

If the growth of Christianity is exploding in places such as Africa, Brazil and Asia, then why is the American church declining?


Where is the Miracle Healing in the US?

Healing hands
Why aren't more people being supernaturally healed in the U.S.? (iStock photo)

Isn't He the same God in Africa and Asia as He is in America?


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