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A Greater Calling: Mercy for the Hurting

Mercy Ministries

Is it enough to plant seeds, or does the church’s mission go beyond that? Mercy Ministries founder Nancy Alcorn says the church has a responsibility to not only share a message of mercy with the hurting, but also to demonstrate mercy through action.


Matthew Barnett: Starting With the One

Tommy Barnett in front of the Los Angeles Dream Center
Tommy Barnett in front of the Los Angeles Dream Center.

Find out what we can all can learn from Matthew Barnett and his Dream Center’s ministry to the "least of these."


How to Create a Culture of Serving

Greg Atkinson
Greg Atkinson (Facebook)

Here are some tips for recognizing, appreciating and recruiting volunteers at your church.


The Small-Group Dots You’re Not Connecting

Connecting dots
Are you connecting the dots in your small-group ministry?

Are you missing the link between what you’re doing and the results you’re getting? Here's how to connect the dots.


Why We Shouldn't Let Social Media Distract Us

Are you distracted by the allure of social media?
Are you distracted by the allure of social media?

Here are some proven tips for limiting technology distractions and working smarter for your ministry.


6 Principles for City Transformation Through Church Planting


When the church is about four walls and a meeting place, disciples are made for the church instead of for the world. Find out how disciples for the city tend to be focused on transforming the city and the world.


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