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Letting Go of Church As We’ve Known It

Causeway Church
The members of Causeway Coast Vineyard Church in Northern Ireland have helped lead thousands of people to Christ. (Facebook)

If a project or event doesn't lead you to lost people, and the lost people to Jesus, do you still do it?


6 Things to Consider Before You Head out to Minister

Before you go out preaching to the world, here are some things you might want to consider. (iStock photo)

Jesus' 12 disciples were sent out into the world with specific instructions. Before you take to the pulpit of a church or to the streets, think about these six things.


Using the Wrong Sword for the Wrong Battle

Sword in battle
Ministerial leaders need to take the right weapon into battle with the enemy. (Lightstock)

Ministerial leaders can't fight the enemy effectively unless they're in the light—and the light is the Word of God.


The Urgent Need for Scriptural Engagement and Biblical Literacy

The Modern English Version of the Bible

Find out why the Modern English Version of the Bible is the newest weapon in the war on culture.


Experiencing Transformation Through Scriptural Engagement

Pottery wheel
Are you leading the way for God in transforming His children? (Lightstock)

How can a pastor lead a flock in engaging the process of transformation? Here are some practical suggestions.


How Believers Can Distort God's Word

Reading the Bible
Many Believers inadvertently have distorted God's Word from its intent. (Lightstock )

How the rise of the Christian Left has caused Scripture to be taken out of context and furthered the biblical distortion rampant among today's believers.


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