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Is Revival About Fried Chicken or Worship and Prayer?

Fried chicken
Is revival at your church about the food or getting people saved? (Wikimedia Commons)

What can we do—in light of God's sovereignty—to prepare and plead for revival?


Are the Younger Unchurched Still Spiritually Open?

Young adults
A study says that young adults are spiritually open. So why aren't they coming to church? (Lightstock)

A recent study revealed 77 percent of those young people who are self-identify as unchurched think that believing in Jesus makes a positive difference in a person's life, yet they seem to be staying away from church. Why?


4 Principles of Gospel-Advancing Collaboration

Gospel collaboration
Is your church collaborating with others to spread the gospel? (Lightstock)

Are you unleashing the power of collaboration for the cause of Christ? What churches or organizations can you join with to further your efforts?


3 Ways to Make Evangelism More Believable

Jesus film
Ask yourself, 'Am I following Jesus' example?' (Jesus film)

Jesus obviously did it the right way. Shouldn't we follow His example?


12 Ministries Making a Difference in Israel

Star of David
Star of David

These ministries are meeting physical needs in the Holy Land. But more importantly, they're spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.


2 Big Reasons Why People Reject Our Evangelism Efforts

Talk to the hand
There are legitimate reasons why some people don't want to hear the gospel from others. (IStock photo)

Always remember when you're spreading the gospel, conversion is not in your hands; it's in God's hands. Here's why some people simply won't believe what you're trying to tell them.


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