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4 Ways to Discern if Your Church Has a Gospel Mindset About Money

Church and money
Does your church handle its money well? (iStock photo)

We don’t have to worship money in order to use it. Here are some qualities to consider when Scripture talks about money.


9 Ways Worship Has Changed in 10 Years

Church choirs
Church choirs seem to be either diminishing or disappearing these days. (Lightstock)

Church services are noticeably different than they were even 10 years ago. Find out what, on the whole, has changed dramatically.


Are We Too Focused on ‘Doing’ in Ministry?

Father and son
Are we teaching our kids to be doers or beings? (iStock photo)

What does our example tell our children? Are we teaching our children to be doers or beings?


The Power of Pastors Praying Together

Pastors praying
Do you often get together with other pastors and pray for each other? (

Are you a big believer in men of God praying for other men of God? Do you do it often?


10 Lies the Enemy Whispers to Children’s Ministry Leaders

What lies is the enemy whispering to you? (iStock photo)

Satan comes to steal, kill and destroy. Find out why he especially hates children’s ministry leaders and the ways he tries to deceive them.


Is Your Church Pursuing Biblical Hospitality?

Is your church pursuing biblical hospitality? (Lightstock)

New Testament hospitality doesn’t happen for an hour or a week or two. Find out how it becomes a lifestyle of deep conviction and a reflection of our love for God.


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