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Debunking the ‘Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin’ Myth

Debunking myth
Is the phrase 'love the sinner, hate the sin' making things worse for unbelievers? (iStock photo)

We as believers aren't responsible for fixing, or removing, or condemning someone's sin. Isn't that Jesus' job?


14 Questions Church Leaders Should Ask About Church Finances

Financial struggles
Have you ever considered that your church's financial struggles could be related to stewardship? (iStock photo)

If your church is struggling financially, is it a money problem or a stewardship problem?


4 Key Ways the Church Can Make Space for Millennials

It may surprise you what Millennials are looking for from church these days. (iStock photo)

A recently released study by the Barna Group and the Cornerstone Knowledge Network revealed some surprising results concerning what Millennials want from their churches.


7 Pieces of Advice For Those Just Starting in Ministry

Young pastor
Here's some solid advice for young pastors. (Lightstock)

Here are some gems of wisdom from a veteran pastor to the younger generation.


Here’s the Most Important Quality for Any Pastor to Have

Pastoring sheep
Pastor, do you smell like your sheep? Pastor Justin Lathrop explains. (Wikimedia Commons)

It's not to be a dynamic speaker or an innovate influencer. The answer to the question may seem odd, but think about it.


‘And a Little Child Shall Lead Them’

Children leaders
Give the kids at your church a chance to serve. They just may surprise you. (Relevant Children's Ministry)

Guess who does many good things for your church you may not know about? The answer may surprise you.


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