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A Huge 21st-Century Challenge: How to Engage the Younger Generation

What challenges do you face in trying to reach millennials?
What challenges do you face in trying to reach Millennials? (Lightstock)

Students and millennials are vital parts of the body of Christ. Are we as leaders who are called to shepherd this generation and raise them up properly tapping the potential of this generation?


Messianic Judaism Gaining Momentum in Israel

Messianic Judaism
Worship time at Emmanuel Messianic Jewish Congregation (Barry Rubin)

Once thought of as a major threat to Israeli life, Messianic Jewish ministries are now being recognized as Jewish-friendly.


Palestinians and Jews: Working Toward Godly Unity

Christian Palestinians
What would happen if Christian Palestinians really began to understand God's love and mercy for Israel? (iStock photo)

When Palestinian Christians understand God's love and mercy for Israel, they will experience it for themselves at new levels.


10 Reasons Kids Can’t Remember the Lesson You Taught Last Week

Are you challenging your students to remember what they learned?
Are you challenging your students to remember what they learned?

Did you know that if you did the following things this past weekend the kids have already forgotten 90 percent of what you taught?


An Attractive Alternative: Magnetic Youth Ministry

Saddleback Youth
Saddleback Church's youth ministry promises to be magnetic instead of attractional. (Facebook)

While many churches choose to go with an attractional ministry to bring youth into the fold, there is a better way to go about it.


End Times: The Spiritual Restoration of Israel

Messianic Church
(Wikimedia Commons)

Has God bestowed upon us, the end-times church, the honor of helping Israel to awaken spiritually?


Introducting the 2015 Ministry Today Resource Guide

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