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How to Guarantee Longevity in Youth Ministry

Youth ministry
What is the secret to longevity in youth ministry? (Lightstock)

It's a simplistic idea, but here is the secret to hanging around for the long haul.


‘I’m Here Because I Love You Back’

Jonathan Feldstein
Jonathan Feldstein is an American-born Orthodox Jew living in Effrat, Israel. He cherishes every one of his friendships with Christians despite theological differences. (Photo courtesy of Jonathan Feldstein)

Here's why an Orthodox Jew relishes his friendships with Christians.


5 Ways Pastors Can Truly Be Present With People

Pastor, how's your attentiveness these days? (iStock photo)

Do you practice the skill of attentiveness, or do you lose the trust of the people you long to engage?


How to Test Your Ministry’s Structural Integrity

Is there structrual integrity in your youth ministry?
Is there structrual integrity in your youth ministry? (iStock photo)

Is your youth ministry healthy and built to last, or will it collapse the minute you're gone?


Israel: From Apathy to Admiration

Jonathan giving blood
My good friend Jonathan Feldstein, an Orthodox Jew living in Effrat, Israel, honored me by donating a pint of blood earlier this year in my name. (Photo courtesy of Jonathan Feldstein)

Simple education can help change attitudes for the better toward the Jewish people.


5 Ways to Pray for the Peace of Israel

Israel prayer graphic
Are you praying for the peace of Jerusalem and all of Israel?

Here's why your prayers for Jerusalem will bless both Jews and Gentiles.


Introducting the 2015 Ministry Today Resource Guide

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