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To Pastors and Staffs: An Open Letter of Gratitude

Pastor, for all you and your staff do, thank you.
Pastor, for all you and your staff do, thank you. (Lightstock )

Just saying thank you for all you do may not be nearly enough. But, here's why we appreciate you.


How to Tell Someone They Can’t Serve in Your Children’s Ministry

Children's Ministry
For obvious safety reasons, children's ministry workers should be screened well before being allowed to volunteer. (Lighttstock)

Have you ever been faced with a situation where you had to tell a volunteer that they couldn't serve in your children's ministry? How did you handle it?


Is Your Worship Limited, Or Is It a Lifestyle?

Have you made worship a lifestyle?
Have you made worship a lifestyle? (Lightstock)

How do you make worship a habit? How can we keep ourselves from simply running to Jesus whenever there's a tragedy and make it more 2nd nature every single day?


6 Reasons Your Musicality Has Stalled

Worship leader
How can you rekindle your joy for music? (Lightstock)

What inspires you to keep growing as a musician? How do you keep it fresh?


4 Things We Can Learn From How Jesus Ate

Jesus Last Supper
We can learn many things from how Jesus conducted Himself around the table. (Lightstock)

Many times, Jesus connected with people over a meal. Here are 4 reasons that method is effective.


How to Form the Perfect Singles Ministry

Singles ministry
Is the singles ministry thriving at your church? (Lightstock)

Although it might be one of the most neglected ministries in the church, your singles ministry could be one of the most important. Here's why.


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