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When Worship Leaders Feel Empty on Monday Morning

Worship leader
Worship leaders, do you sometimes get the Monday morning blahs? (Lightstock)

Do you often struggle with the morning after, no matter what happened on Sunday morning? Here are some suggestions.


What Are Your Worship Team’s Standards?

Worship team
Is there a certain set of standards for your worship team? (Lightstock)

It's not like cigarette smokers are demonic, evil people. But should they been allowed on the worship team?


3 Dangerous Assumptions for Worship Leaders

Worship leader
As a worship leader, do you ever make these assumptions ? (Lightstock)

If you begin to think like this, you can open the door to an unhealthy flow in your worship service.


4 Ways to Kill Church Worship Fast

Singing in church
Why isn't everybody singing in church these days? (iStock photo)

Even when the chipper "worship leader" in contemporary churches bounds on stage and predictably beckons everyone to "stand and worship," the people compliantly obey the stand command, but then they turn into mute mannequins.


Does Your Church Have an OPH Problem?

Does your church have an OPH problem?
Does your church have an OPH problem? (iStock photo)

How do you handle it when an 'off-pitch housewife' demands to sing with your praise team?


Reassessing God's Expectations of Our Worship

What are God's expectations of our worship?
What are God's expectations of our worship? (Lightstock)

Pastor Jack Hayford explores what it is that makes our praise worshipful to God.


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