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5 Often-Neglected Sunday Routines For Worship Leaders

Worship leader
Are you missing these routine, but crucial moments when preparing for worship? (Lightstock)

Are these some things you often overlook when you're preparing for worship service on Sunday?


Praise the Lord Anyway: Worshipping Through a Crisis

Praising God
Does crisis bring you to your knees to worship God, or does it simply bring you to your knees? (Lightstock)

Does crisis bring you to your knees to praise God, or does it simply bring you to your knees?


Is Your Worship Limited, Or Is It a Lifestyle?

Have you made worship a lifestyle?
Have you made worship a lifestyle? (Lightstock)

How do you make worship a habit? How can we keep ourselves from simply running to Jesus whenever there's a tragedy and make it more 2nd nature every single day?


6 Reasons Your Musicality Has Stalled

Worship leader
How can you rekindle your joy for music? (Lightstock)

What inspires you to keep growing as a musician? How do you keep it fresh?


Are We Worshipping Our Own Egos Over Jesus?

Worship leader
Are you making sure that your worship is not about your ego? (Lightstock)

What keeps you from being an honest, vulnerable worship leader?


3 Steps to Leading the Most Incredible Worship Service Ever

Worship service
Is your worship incredible to God? (iStock photo)

What kind of worship service pleases God the most? It's the one with these characteristics.


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