How Sunday Morning Prayer Can Spark Revival in Your Church

Prayer meeting at Cross Church in Rogers, Arkansas
Prayer meeting at Cross Church in Rogers, Arkansas (Facebook)

Can you imagine what would happen in America if every church spent an entire Sunday morning worship service focused on prayer for revival in the church and awakening in America?


The Danger in Emphasizing the Sinner’s Prayer

Man discipling boy
When you witness for Jesus, do you emphasize more than simply The Sinner's Prayer? (Lightstock)

When witnessing, why aren't Believers hammering home what actually saves—God's grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone?


The Power of Pastors Praying Together

Pastors praying
Do you often get together with other pastors and pray for each other? (

Are you a big believer in men of God praying for other men of God? Do you do it often?


Time for a Pause: Jesus Calls Me Aside

Has Jesus pulled you aside lately just to chat with you? (Lightstock)

Ministry without His life source can be very exciting, but ultimately it is counterfeit. Have you taken time to set aside the cares of life and ministry to be intimate with Jesus today?


How Much Time Does the Above-Average Leader Spend in Prayer?

Rick-Warren-Book-smallI’ve never considered being called average a compliment. I think it means you’re just as close to the bottom as on top.

I don’t believe God meant for you to be average. I don’t think God meant for you to live a so-so or bland, mediocre life. As a leader, I don’t think God intends for you to be an average leader.

I believe every human being was designed for excellence—that you’re not one in a million; you’re one in 5 billion. And as the book In Search of Excellence states, “The average person desires to be excellent in many different ways.”  There is no one else like you in the universe.


Why Your Prayers Are Not Enough

Praying-man-standingThe longer I run the race of ministry, the more I realize it is prayer that keeps me going and produces results that last. It's not uncommon that as a young leader, I “ran” more than prayed. As I’ve matured, my understanding and practice of prayer has strengthened.

I have also learned, however, that my prayers are not enough. I need others to pray for me. In fact, I believe this so strongly that I think it’s dangerous to lead in a church without having specific people pray for you with great passion and consistency.

For the past 12 years, I’ve had seven prayer partners—one for each day of the week. Many wonderful people pray for me at 12Stone Church, but these warriors are the ones I count on, each on their day. When I was at Skyline Church, I had 30 prayer partners, one for each day of the month.


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