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4 Ways Immigration Impacts the Mission of the Church

How is your church reaching the nations in your own backyard?
How is your church reaching the nations in your own backyard? (Lightstock)

While having a heart for global missions is a wonderful thing, shouldn't we also have a passion for sharing the gospel with the nations living next door to us?


LifeWay Research: Racial Diversity at Church More a Dream Than a Reality

Multi-ethnic congregation
How racially diverse is your congregation?

Most pastors would agree their churches should strive for racial diversity. Find out why this isn’t really happening much across America.


Israel: From Apathy to Admiration

Jonathan giving blood
My good friend Jonathan Feldstein, an Orthodox Jew living in Effrat, Israel, honored me by donating a pint of blood earlier this year in my name. (Photo courtesy of Jonathan Feldstein)

Simple education can help change attitudes for the better toward the Jewish people.


8 Reasons the Apostle Paul Would Want Churches to be Multiethnic

What does your church look like culturally?
What does your church look like culturally? (Lightstock)

Paul was imprisoned and killed for planting Jewish and Gentile—in other words, multiethnic—churches throughout the Greco-Roman world. Read why we should embrace this idea with passion.


The Body of Christ Requires a Multicultural Society

Multicultural church choir
Multicultural church choir

Find out why Ray Chang, senior pastor of Ambassador Church in Brea, Calif., says racial and cultural differences must not keep us from empowering our brothers and sisters in Christ.


Sam Rodriguez: Hispanic Evangelicals 2.0

samuel-rodriguez-HispanicsIn the historical narrative of the global Hispanic community, the Latino church has just recently experienced its own Protestant Reformation.

Although the Roman Catholic Church had prevented for centuries any significant penetration of the Reformation initiated by Martin Luther in the 1500s, the first serious Protestant impact in Latino America has come via the evangelical wing of the church—particularly the Pentecostal movement. But the trajectory of this new reformation is anything but predictable, and, as Dallas pastor David Sandoval predicts, its effects will reverberate within the walls of the church at large.

“Hispanic Evangelicals 1.0, or the first century of Latino evangelicalism, was focused on personal piety and experiential Christianity,” he notes. “Hispanic Evangelicals 2.0 will continue to do such, however they will expand their reach to include corporate piety and holiness. We focused for too long on the length of a dress, jewelry, hairstyles and physical appearance—all while our teens were getting pregnant, dropping out of school and totally disconnected from the church.


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