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For years, Kenny Luck has witnessed Men’s Ministry in local churches leaving men unengaged and unfulfilled. The best-selling author’s heart is to see that trend cease.

Luck, an ECPA platinum award-winning author of the God’s Man and Every Man Series and pastor of Men at Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church, has launched the definitive website for Christian men in conjunction with the Sleeping Giant Total Solution, a proven Men’s Ministry model. has ignited a grassroots movement from within that equips the local church to use modern technology to create a spiritual phenomenon: Strong men of God who will look to impact their families and the culture around them.

“Men’s Ministry in the church has been broken for years,” Luck said. “It has left a church body suffering from absentee men or those involved in merely token attendance. Ultimately, the missing men of God have left a deep hole in culture around the world.

“With the emergence of the Sleeping Giant Total Solution, we are now watching the global evolution of Men’s Ministry, which has been dormant for too long. Thankfully, once again, Men’s Ministry is becoming culturally visible.

Sleeping Giant, which has been endorsed by pastors, churches, denominational leaders and men’s ministry organizations representing more than 100,000 churches in North America alone, has four main objectives for men:

  • GET IN—Joining other men in a strong and resonating local spiritual community
  • GET HEALTHY—Winning transformation spiritually, relationally and morally.
  • GET STRONG—Building a life of faith solid as a rock and developing into a solid spiritual leader and disciple.
  • GET GOING—Deploying into service locally in the church and globally to bring justice.

“Men’s Ministry has been waiting 20 years for this,” said Randy Phillips, former president of Promise Keepers and men’s pastor at Life Church Austin in Texas. “Every Man Ministries and Sleeping Giant are providing the flame for the next generation of leadership to ignite a new movement of men within the local church.

“Kenny Luck has produced a transferable and proven model, which is easily accessible and affordable for every church. The Sleeping Giant Total Solution is going to expand the capacity of the local church to reach and develop its men in a strategic and revolutionary way not seen before because it is uniquely built to drive the vision of the senior pastor.” includes unique features such as a search function embedded across various sections of the site and in the Media Vault channel to allow men, pastors or lay leaders to search for answers, to ask a question, and to receive and answer. The site also features a blog from Luck, Doug Fields, J.P. Jones and other men’s leaders aligned with the Sleeping Giant movement. Men can also sign up for a weekly newsletter.

To celebrate their launch of its new website, Every Man Ministries is giving away a free video session to anyone interested in being a part of this new movement. For a limited time, men and men’s leaders can claim their free video by visiting clicking here.

In addition, Every Man Ministries has entered into a content partnership with Charisma Media and its New Man website. Visit

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