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20 Devastating Effects of Ineffective Children’s Ministry

Arrows target
Is your church's children's ministry missing the mark with some kids? (iStock photo)

If your children’s ministry isn’t doing what it’s supposed to be doing, the consequences for our kids can be disastrous.


What Worship Does for Kids

Children worship
Do the children in your church truly know how to worship the Lord? (Lightstock)

Instead of investing thousands of dollars on extracurricular activities for your children, what have you done to invest in them spiritually?


Is Your Children’s Ministry Attendance Stuck?

Children's ministry
Has the attendance in your children's ministry plateaued? (Lighstock )

Have you thought about starting a new service? Here are some reasons why that could work.


The No. 1 Way to Transform Your Children’s Ministry

children's ministry

Are you ready to see your children’s ministry transformed? Remember, everything rises and falls on leadership.


Tips for Praying With Your Youth

Praying with children
Do you pray with the children at your church? (Lightstock)

Find out why children need to understand that God is there and attentive to what they have to say.


20 Ways to Make Kids Laugh at Church

Making kids laugh
How do you make your your laugh? (Facebook)

Do you ever wonder why when we tell kids to sit still and be quiet and they grow up that way when it comes to the church, or they don't come at all?


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